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  1. ramajama

    Quick question about paint and low battery.

    Hey guys, I went and looked at a 2013 model with 61K miles on it yesterday. The price is definitely right BUT....there is a reason LOL! The salesman told me a bit about the previous owner. He was an outdoor enthusiast and it showed. The LR4 obviously had been used as a utility vehicle, not a...
  2. ramajama

    Fixin to be a member of the club!!

    But unfortunately, not as an LR4 owner... The brutal hand of reality has jack slapped me. Looks like we are going to get a Discovery Sport. Its a nice little rig and in the end, it will fit what we need better. Our plans completely changed so instead of me getting the SUV and my wife driving the...
  3. ramajama

    CD/DVD player?

    Have I been missing something? :stupid: I ran across a 2012 with a CD/DVD player that plays on the main info screen. Is this a common feature???????
  4. ramajama

    Landy dealership or non Landy dealership?

    So guys, how important would you say it is to purchase a used LR4 from a Landy dealership vs a non Landy dealership? I like my local Landy dealership, I think they have some fine people there and they always treat me good whenever I come in a kick tires and ask alot of questions. Theyve even...
  5. ramajama

    Metropolis Limited Edition Package

    Can someone shed some light on what that is? Ive run across one in my research.
  6. ramajama

    Any changes in the LR4 over the last few years?

    The 2013 trade in thread got me to thinking about what I need to be looking at. I posed this question in that thread but I wanted to start a dedicated topic. I was originally looking for a 13. But, regardless of milage, there is quite a bit of pricing difference from 11 to 12 to 13. I really...
  7. ramajama

    Extended warranty/service contracts/agreements

    Who has extended warranties or services agreements? How are they working out? Thanks.
  8. ramajama

    Towing wih LR4

    Hey guys! Who tows with their LR4 and how does it do? Ive got a boat that weighs just under 5K lbs and this will be my only tow vehicle. Spring/summer months mostly. Ill have it out 4 or 5 times a month. Thanks!

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