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  1. gamh2001

    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Glad to hear I'm not alone waiting. But :mad: what's taking so long??? I have a 2012 LR4 (no problems so far) and a 2011 RRS (made repair out of pocket before recall). Got letters for both and nothing so far from JLR...
  2. gamh2001

    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Got letters for my LR4 and RRS. Waiting to schedule repair for LR4. Waiting for 2nd letter for my RRS as I paid for the repair about 4 months ago.
  3. gamh2001

    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    What happens if you repaired it already because you were not aware of the recall? Do they refund the repair cost?
  4. gamh2001

    Gas smell after driving. No error codes. No visible leaks.

    This happened recently to my RRS. Labor intensive $$$ to find out what really the issue was (thought originally emissions control went kaput), get down the tank and putting it back together. First time this happens to me for any vehicle I have owned. My mechanic suspects that extreme changes in...
  5. gamh2001

    Front LCA replacement - ball joint separation

    I had to replace my LCAs around 30K miles. 30K miles after and hanging strong despite lots of uneven surfaces and potholes in Houston. On my RRS I have to change original LCAs around 90K miles. I bought RRS used so I don't know driving style of previous owner but I blame it more on Houston...
  6. gamh2001

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    No way... Rather buy a new Discovery. Better yet the new Defender. And of course, the "one day you'll be mine" RRS SC SV...
  7. gamh2001

    LR Mechanic Recommendations - Houston

    I recommend Memorial Conoco Car Care. Mike and his crew are very knowledgeable and service is A1!
  8. gamh2001

    Anyone here with a marmaris teal LR4?

    Love my red LR4 even more! :D
  9. gamh2001

    LR4 19” tire options!

    How are How are those Nokian coming along?
  10. gamh2001

    Alternative to Dealer Only Castrol Professional "E" for 2014-16 LR4's

    I'm giving it Amsoil a try in my '12 LR4 and '11 RRS... 0-20W... Drove the RRS Texas to Floridad after oil change and so far so good... However a will check/change oil again after 7,500 miles. I was changing Castrol synthetic oil every year or 15,000 miles whichever came first with no problems...
  11. gamh2001

    2010 LR4 Multimedia interface update/upgrade?

    Airplay/Carplay forum link Figure out the cost/benefit of having such unit. Looks like the Bovee adapter for audio streaming is a better value in case you do do not have a 2012+ radio/nav unit. I rather spend...
  12. gamh2001

    LR4 Brakes and Rotors

    I paid just short of $1,000 Parts & Labor. I provided my local indie with parts (about $700). Bought Brembo rotors, Ferodo pads, and sensor. Make sure your LCA bushings are in good condition as you might need to replace them.
  13. gamh2001

    Another Defender hint?

    Same thought... otherwise will continue to hold to my LR4...
  14. gamh2001

    Another Defender hint?

    Well.... I'll stick to my '12 LR4 and '11 RRS much longer than expected. So far they have been excellent vehicles for me. And I don't use the dealer garage unless and absolutely need to.
  15. gamh2001

    Who Makes the OEM Brake Pads/Rotors?

    I got Brembo rotors and Ferodo pads in all wheels. Excellent, long lasting and no name-brand (Land Rover) premium.
  16. gamh2001

    2 Year Service Sticker Shock. Just me?

    F2 Motorwerks by Memorial. Nice to know 2 other options: BAS (Katy) and BUltd (The Woodlands).
  17. gamh2001

    2 Year Service Sticker Shock. Just me?

    Yep! It beats Houston's dealers... Anyway, I've using a local indie for "regular" maintenance for the last 2 years, i.e. alignment, rotation, oil change, brakes, etc. More specialized services I go to local LR indie. I got a quote from him for $900 for transfer case repair whereas dealer was...
  18. gamh2001

    2011 RR Sport HSE

    Shop around online and use a reputable/certified shop to do the work. I would recommend or Original part at reasonable prices. Origina water pump assemble is about $235 online
  19. gamh2001

    shopping for a LR4

    Vision package usefulness depends on how comfortable you perceived visibility of surroundings. In an LR4/<'13 RRS with the square side view mirrors, visibility is quite good depending on the angle set-up. Blind spot assist I find it nice to have but not a must have on the LR4. If headliner is...
  20. gamh2001

    Another Defender hint?

    Peugeot???? :eek:
  21. gamh2001

    Cooper Zeon LTZ Off-Road tires on Stock 19" Wheels

    In the case at least for me here in Houston is to use the LR dealer. NTB, Discount Tire and most indiedon't do alignment/balancing as dealers here. Dealer cost is about 10% or equal to charges of non-LR shops. In this case worth the money... But if your alignment was done by LR dealer: Bad...
  22. gamh2001

    Sirius radio on a 2016 LR4

    Nowadays with cellphones service providers having "unlimited" data plans - or if with AT&T DirectTV/Uverse apps (that allow streaming free data to subscribers) - you probably could subscribe and use the SiriusXM app in your cellphone/tablet, and stream audio via bluetooth. You can use the USB...
  23. gamh2001

    Transfer case front leak

    Hello all... Well, 4 months later I had to refill with 1 qt of transfer case fluid. No leaks but transfer case "wetness" is noticeable. I've been considering repair with indy shop as local dealers says replacing the seal costs $2,400 (:eek:) whereas RepairPal estimates $586-$855. Local indy shop...
  24. gamh2001

    Rotor wear advice

    I stand corrected :D... per Owner's Handbook: GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT = 7,143 lbs (Max permissible weight inc. passengers & load) CURB WEIGHT (inc. full fue tank) from 5,617 lbs Still very heavy either way... so coast and plan your stops, use your CommandShift as/when needed. Of course, not much...
  25. gamh2001

    Rotor wear advice

    Change both: rooms and pads. Of course include sensors. And make sure your lower control arms are ok as you might need to replace these as well. I bought OEM Brembo rotors and Ferodo pads. Also I used a trusted garage. After 2 years 15k miles So far so good. And know you're physics... this is a...

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