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  1. Asilver

    LR4 Grill Mounting Light bracket

    I did a run of a custom bracket for mounting grille lights. The gauge of steel was probably lighter then is ideal as there is some vibrations in the beam when driving. I may still have a couple left over if you’re interested, but again that vibration will most likely show up.
  2. Asilver

    Ultragauge 2

    Is it confirmed that this will notify driver's of a leak at the crossover quicker than the stock coolant sensor which is in the wrong position to catch it? Should this be able pick up a change in temperature early enough to cut the engine and stop a catastrophic overheat/warping?
  3. Asilver

    Wheels and Tires?

    Really excited to hear the positive feedback and appreciate the detailed response! Are you running the SYA kit with these or is the suspension stock? What have you done with the spare? Got any pics with the tires on the truck?
  4. Asilver

    Wheels and Tires?

    Curious if anyone has had any long term (ish) experience with 255/65/19 duratracs yet and what the feedback is?
  5. Asilver

    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    I believe only the SCv6 has an updated crossover design
  6. Asilver

    Indy shop/Private Mechanics in NYC?

    These are all great to know. Thank you all for the advise! I will start calling around!
  7. Asilver

    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    Unfortunately for V8 owners it looks like we will have to keep waiting. Being that the 3.0 has different part numbers for it's cross overs I'm not suprised this doesn't fit both. Hoping this is the real deal and works for the supercharged engines! If enough people buy them, I assume a v8...
  8. Asilver

    Indy shop/Private Mechanics in NYC?

    Bumping this thread as I am also looking for shop recommendations in the NYC/ CT area. I am getting ready to have the front and rear crossovers replaced, and would like to go somewhere with experience. I feel like I hear constant horror stories of coolant components not being put on properly or...
  9. Asilver

    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Can you share some pics? Maybe the fact they are 90% tread is also helping the situation.
  10. Asilver

    For those who have other things to worry about other than crossover pipe failure/catastrophic overheating

    Has anybody installed one of these sensor kits? It would be great to have additional warning to avoid something catastrophic. Going to be replacing cross-overs soon, and that seems like a good time to install the extra sensors.
  11. Asilver

    Extended Warranty

    I'm curious what it is that drives these engines to be so much more expensive then the predecessors? Is it because the aluminum blocks are so difficult to machine/ rebuild? I understand they are newer, but the LR3 engines are all selling for less than $4k while both LR4 v6 and v8 are over $12k?
  12. Asilver

    PCV valve fix

    Did you throw any codes along with the rough idle?
  13. Asilver

    255/65/19 DuraTrac

    It looks killer. How's the ride with the bigger tires and SYA Kit? What are you doing for your spare? Apologies for all the questions, but I am about to pull the trigger for a similar setup and want to get all my ducks in a row.
  14. Asilver

    255/65/19 DuraTrac

    Are you running the larger 255/65/19 size as well?
  15. Asilver

    Check Engine Light and Fault Codes

    It's a 2011 with 105k on the clock. Vac leak makes sense. Won't be too much fun to try and track down. I'm going to see if I can get a shop to do a smoke test on it to start.
  16. Asilver

    Check Engine Light and Fault Codes

    I was driving through the city yesterday and the dreaded check engine light popped on. It's actually the first time during my ownership that it's come on and my stomach sank when I saw that amber glow. It still drove fine and wasn't blinking which tends to mean it's safe to continue driving...
  17. Asilver

    Roof Rails install Washington DC area

    $3k to install roof rails is wild, even for a dealership. It doesn’t take more then an hour for someone with no experience to tackle.
  18. Asilver

    Bolt-on Roof Racks for LR4 Without Rails?

    There’s the rhino rack pioneer platform with the backbone rails if you like that look. It’s technically adding rails, but comes with the kit and has less of a lead time issue.
  19. Asilver

    Alarm Going Off Randomly

    My bet would be the hood latch as well. Had the same thing happen to me.
  20. Asilver

    Headliners.... why are they always beige or a version of boring?

    There’s a guy on Instagram who painted his headliner, visors, a-pillars, handles and roof mounted controls black. I’m not sure what type of paint/ dye was used but it looked like it came out pretty nice. He pretty much lives out of that car, so it would be interesting to see how it holds up. Go...
  21. Asilver

    Thoughts on potential purchases

    If price wasn't a factor, and you like the colors the same and they have similar options, I would always say that a lower mileage car with a better service history and a warranty will out weigh some rack rails which you can get anywhere. For an extra $4k... I'd say its just about worth it for...
  22. Asilver

    Can a 2013 LR4 be upgraded to Heavy Duty?

    I remember coming across someone on Instagram who noted that they swapped in an ARB front locker and stock Rear locker which is manually controlled. I never reached out directly but bookmarked it in case I ever decided to look into it. Maybe someone here knows him or wants to reach out...
  23. Asilver

    DIY Grill Light Bracket and Lights

    Hey guys, To everyone who reached out to me recently about ordering a bracket, I wanted to update you and let you know that I should be back to my office this weekend and shipping out early next week. *I also want to pass on a disclaimer, that ClarkGuy who ordered a bracket to mount Hella 4000...
  24. Asilver

    TOYO AT3 255/55/19

    This is an exciting time for 19" wheels! haha. Pretty cool to see larger sizes popping up. 255/60/r19 should fit nicely. Still waiting to hear back in the other thread if the new Duratracs in 255/65/r19 have any rubbing.
  25. Asilver

    255/65/19 DuraTrac

    Couldn't wait for someone to try these out! Can you send more pictures. Do you have any rubbing?

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