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    Transmission (6HP28) drain and fill

    "The gearbox fluid level must only be checked when the temperature of the fluid is between 30 degrees and 50 degrees. The fluid level obtained will be incorrect if the reading is outside this temperature range." With the GAP tool you can easily read the fluid temp. For those without a GAP tool...
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    Replacement Mityvac hose adapter

    Mityvac sells replacement tubes through A&A hydraulics
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    The Great Engine Oil Debate

    Check Amazon for Castrol 1598EF Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart It meets the specs and works well.
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    LR4 19” tire options!

    Some good news for all of us with 19" rims, the New Defender comes with 255/65R19 tires, those are 32" tall folks! Currently the Goodyear lists it for the Duratrac and Wrangler tires, I am hopeful that other companies will start to offer...
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    Mysterious Hose to Nowhere

    Where does the other end of the hose go? It's the diff breather.
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    LR4 Low Compression

    I hope I'm not too late to the discussion, it could be carbon buildup on the back of the valve. With direct injection carbon can build up on the back of the valves and eventually prevent the valves from closing all the way. Pull the intake manifold and inspect the valves. It doesn't take very...
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    2014 LR4 Specialist needed in the L.A. area.

    Check out Carrs 4x4 in Huntington Beach, Abran does quality work.
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    Castrol Synthetic Motor Oil Choices

    While it doesn't directly answer you question I'll share my experience. I use Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5W-20 Full Synthetic I change it every 5,000 and send a sample to Blackstone labs for testing. The report...
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    Change LR4 default vehicle height

    This could be a nice feature. A real OCD owner might not like this. Articulating the lower bushings every time you park could cause premature failure. A guy wouldn't get any sleep a tnight knowing those bushings are under unnecessary tension. haha
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    Dash Cam Recommendations for the LR4?

    I have the vision package on my 2010, it would be cool if there was a blackbox type option where it could record the feeds from the cameras onto a flash drive.
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    2013 LR4 Home Setting in Navigation

    I see what you are thinking here, you don't want the thief to find your house from the vehicle navigation. I respect that concern, I have thought that too. Don't over think it though. Is the registration and insurance current on your vehicle? Do you keep documentation of this in your glovebox...
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    Preemptive 80K mile service...

    The LR3 has a different engine than and LR4. It still has a plastic crossover pipe that should be replaced. The plastic degrades and will fail/leak in the 75-100k mile range. For the OP, regarding LR4’s, do the Front Y pipe and while you are at it do the rear pipe. It is the heater valve pipe...
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    Does on Flat equal 4 new tires??

    Yes replace all 4 tires and your spare (5 tires total) with Mickey Thompson Baja STZ 265/60R18 ASAP!
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    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    You are talking about a different style of engine. On an engine with no drain plug and a top mounted cartridge style oil filter (i.e. LR4 engine) I feel that it is best to loosen the filter first. This allows the oil in the filter to drain into the oil pan. Then you can syphon the oil out, once...
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    DIY Oil Change for LR4

    Loosen the filter first. Then it will drain while you syphon the rest of the oil out. It makes things a bit cleaner and gets more of the old oil out.
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    Power Steering troubles sells. Pump reseal kit. Replace the spring clamps with worm drive clamps, if it still leaks at the hose connections get new hoses.
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    Check Engine; Error Codes

    Check your fuses. Fuse #2 might be blown..
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    Post count: 1

    Hey My name is Keanan, I have a 2003 Discovery. That's about all for now. - Keanan
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    Mickey Thompson Baja STZ Tire Review

    Please understand that I am only reviewing the Baja STZ in the 265/60R18 size on a 2003 Discovery, while the other sizes of the STZ are nearly identical they are all different. Results will vary between tire sizes, vehicles, road conditions, and drivers. The prices and websites are accurate as...

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