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    Driveline Vibration

    1. Wheels balance 2. Check the front lower control arms. Worn/torn rear bushings are a common source of steering vibration, clanks, and vibration on light braking. 3. Missing damper on the transfer case will cause vibration between 2-3k rpm under load.
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    Failing alternator?

    Normally, alternators live 100-150k mi or 10-15 years. If you reach those numbers it is a good idea to replace it with the new unit and service the old one to keep it as a spare part. LR has a smart charging function that regulates charging depending on conditions, so it won't give you a...
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    Control Arms

    If Front bushing and a ball joint is ok there’s nothing wrong with changing only rear one
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    Control Arms

    I had the same dilemma. Solution: bought a used arms from ebay and replaced rear bushings, so I had complete arms on hands before taking the truck apart. If you need to replace both bushings and a ball joint ($300/set) it might be better to replace a whole arm ($500/pc). Use oem parts only
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    LR4 5.0 V8 - recent timing chain service with 4 new camshaft adjusters - still seems somewhat noisy??

    Injectors make a hi-pitch ticking noise here. Other sounds seem to be coming from timing or belt driven accessory
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    Bad tie rod ends?

    You can definitely feel a bad tie rod when shaking a wheel at 3&9 even without lifting the truck. It might be something else. - Wheels alignment - Old/low-quality tires - Unbalanced brake rotors - Upper control arms - Low quality lower control arms I have vibrations at 60mph+ speeds, but my LCA...
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    Thinking about selling!

    If it feels well and your mileage is mostly highway - do not sell. HD package is hard to find and even harder to find it with low mileage
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    IID Tool Recommendation

    There's an alternative - JLR SDD (mongoose etc). Basically, it is a CAN-to-USB interface and Windows-based software. You can get it cheap from Ali. Personally, I went with IID Tool because it is much more convenient. You can take it anywhere and all you need is just a cell phone, while SDD...
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    When is it time to say goodbye?

    Same for me, going to keep mine till they ban gasoline and use as a personal space after that . Eventually, it will become a collectible item like a classic defender
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    When is it time to say goodbye?

    LR4 is not that bad economically if you maintain it yourself. It’s a hobby of mine and I actually enjoy it. Otherwise if you are on budget, sell it now till prices are high and get some cheap lease. Because gas+shop maintenance makes it rather a toy than a transport
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    Ugh, we’re not going to argue about LR vs Toyota reliability here, aren’t we? LR makes a much more sophisticated vehicles which comes at a price. And reliability is not even the main problem here, a terrible service is. Average dealership is good enough to change oil and tyres, but completely...
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    If not take age into account, but you just can’t. Overall, I agree, 2013 v8 with 8hp70 and HD package is the best
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    Fair enough. 2016 basically is the best you can get. The less Canadian winters it saw the better. And still, LR4 is a very VERY tough vehicle with a strong gas engines. It won’t break that easy. Timing chain guides/VVT is the only major issue, but once done you forget about it with frequent oil...
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    Basically, roads are made out of salt here in the winter, lol
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    Looking to buy this LR4, but rattle at cold start. Goes away when warm...

    The price is just way too high IMO. 44k cad + tax will get you close to a 50k cad for a 6yo vehicle and it is not even a range rover. I bought my 2012 hse lux (not hd) in summer 2020 for half of that. It really is hard to find a decent LR4 in Toronto area, but 44k… Honestly, I’d put it as a...
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    New to Land Rover - Bought an LR4

    ‘16 with HD and 60k? that’s basically a new truck! Congrats with getting the best multi purpose vehicle on the planet!

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