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  1. mbw

    Adding Upgrades to My 2012 LR4 -

    this ^^ is why many of us recommend the Meyle HD lower control arms. They have rubber bushings that are soft and similar to the OE hydro bushes, but they are tougher than the hydro bushes and won't leak their fluid after a couple days on the trail. (riding trail with the bushing knock sucks...
  2. mbw

    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Voyagers will be fine. They don't go anywhere near the gas tank.
  3. mbw

    Order of off-road mods

    I had full tactical 4x4 armor which was great for tough stuff and dragging her belly over rocks, but it weighs so much. I ended up getting Voyager sliders that have a bolt on air compressor and tank skid and removing the rest. I have more clearance now without the t44 stuff. The voyager...
  4. mbw

    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Got mine done last week. Tech buddy of mine took care of it in an hour.
  5. mbw

    Water pump nipple

    From what I can find an OAT like ethylene glycol will have minor effect or slight change in appearance or properties. It says to test before repeated exposure. But... IANAC (i am not a chemist)
  6. mbw

    Rear wheel carrier latch question

    I have an older bumper, so the latches they were using were smaller. The new ones are friggen massive and I don't know why he felt the need to upgrade them. My latch arm is also different because I have the dual swing version so it has that extra plate that catches the second arm also. I...
  7. mbw

    Rear wheel carrier latch question

    I got one of the newer T44 latches (had to upgrade from the original one since I bought it years ago). They use this version now. I find it pretty easy to use. I put a zip tie on it to keep it aligned perfectly with the hook (otherwise it has a little side to side movement). The way it...
  8. mbw

    Onboard Spare parts when off-roading/overlanding

    brake switch is another one I recently added. and a rear toe link bolt.
  9. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    From what I am seeing no modification of the dual filler neck is needed other than making sure the size of the filler tube matches the size of the OE filler tube. Everything else on the dual filler is good to go. As long as I adapt that size correctly (if needed, i haven't measured yet) then...
  10. mbw

    I’d like to replace fog lights…

    I upgraded my fogs, but it required a few other changes at the same time. (ARB Summit bar)
  11. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    Not sure it has a model designation (one point of feedback I gave them was that they should have model numbers and even revisions with change notes somewhere. They constantly improve stuff just like tactical 4x4 does. I wish T44 did also because ordering parts like the rear latch is not easy...
  12. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    I had the tactical sliders and sold them. I went back to the Voyager slider and I worked with them on a new version. The version we made has a bolt on plate on just the driver side that protects the air tank and compressor. You can remove it and access the full air system without dropping the...
  13. mbw

    Higher output alternator?

    I also wish we had a water cooled option. The stupid alternator is so low that it can get filled with junk pretty quick. I'd also take a higher output one to run my 50 amp redarc DCDC and keep my winch happy during big pulls.
  14. mbw


    Glad everyone is ok.
  15. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    I didn't pay quite that much, but after a few parts it will be close to that. 38 gallons additional solves one of the big issues with this platform... range. 58 gallons total gives me a lot more options for schedule and route on a trip. I also don't want to use my dual jerry can holder for...
  16. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    If you are referring to the size difference in the dual filler they provide and the OE filler tube size, then ya.. i will either have it modified or use the 1" to 1.5" fuel filler adapter I bought that is stainless. I don't plan on cutting the OE filler up to make adapters and all that crap...
  17. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    I take the jerry can holder off once in awhile. It is pretty easy. One bolt and the gas strut and move the license plate. Takes maybe 10 minutes to remove or install an arm. Very reasonable to do that.
  18. mbw

    Crazy to add Tactical Rear bumper at 104k?

    The T44 bumper is definitely DIY. And btw.. the longer we get from these things being new, the MORE I assume owners are mechanically capable and doing more work DIY on these things. These vehicles are not that complex if you get to know them and not that practical to own if you don't work on...
  19. mbw

    Moab trails with rooftop tent?

    Definitely recommend normal height for most situations unless you need the clearance. I would normally just bump it up when I came to rock steps. Suspension droop is important. Most people just think a lift solves everything, but on IFS that is just ignorant. I really wish people would stop...
  20. mbw

    New spare tire swing-out option

    Ya, i don't want to be mean. It is his rig and whatever works for him and his taste I guess, but this is not a good idea for any off road use. The departure angle alone.. ouch. Style wise, well I really strongly don't care for this. Its way too low and far off the back and just looks...
  21. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    I slightly raised and leveled the fridge so that its part of the platform. The cabinets wrap around it pretty close. You can't even feel it. That way I can easily open and use the fridge without any extra lids.
  22. mbw

    Front End Suspension(?) Unidentified Noise

    Meyle HD arms, they are still rubber without the oil filling. Stay away from poly they are harsh and can break things. Get an air hammer/chisel to get the bolts out. Less work than the saw method.
  23. mbw

    Boot height Q (sleeping inside)

    Ya, I like having my water/tire on the rear, roof rack is just for my 23 Zero 270 awning, maxtrax, full sized shovel and my two room shower/bathroom tent. Keep it light up top. I like this setup for my solo trips because it is so quick and easy and light. It's also good for road stealth...
  24. mbw

    Coolant Vacuum Fill

  25. mbw

    Coolant Vacuum Fill

    Mine went to about -25. Then close the valve and shut off the compressor. Let it sit for a minute and make sure you don't have leaks. Then open up the fluid fill.

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