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  1. TheWidup

    Overlander Question

    Any vehicle is prone to breaking down from any possible fault. It feels like a disproportionate amount of LR4s have issues but that's likely only because people come online with issues to find fixes or complain rather than come to celebrate the vehicle. I bought mine used 5 years ago and...
  2. TheWidup

    Goodbye stock side steps!

    Long term report...the magnetic aluminum units have started to rot off. Almost got 4 years out of the $108 set. I'm back on the hunt for longer term replacements that look a little more rugged. I'm almost at 75K miles on my 2013 so it's time for a few custom upgrades. :P
  3. TheWidup

    Discovery (LR5) at the 'Ring

    Yet everybody claims these have "vague" steering. Wonder if they've watched this?
  4. TheWidup

    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    I'm just about to embark on the preventative crossover replacement and this would be great. The listing on ebay says "(Note: THIS DOES NOT FIT THE NATURALLY ASPIRATED 5.0 ENGINE!)" but yet later down in the listing it shows this as a supported engine. Is the Jag 5.0 engine different than the...
  5. TheWidup

    Hitch storage

    LOL - and I keep mine off because everybody forgets it's there and takes a nice shot in the shin walking around the backside. :)
  6. TheWidup

    Hummer EV

    It looks slightly more tolerable than the cybertruck. It seems they tried to take the best of LR + Ford + Jeep and mash it into a Hummer. I'm just not sure they picked the "best of" correctly. They're going after GVWR with that pricing is my guess. They'd be fools to not make it into a SUV...
  7. TheWidup

    Big LR4 issue, cut losses and sell vs fix?

    I know the feeling you're bringing up...don't jump to do anything to your ride outside of normal maintenance. This is likely an isolated issue that isn't common as we haven't seen lots of folks reporting it. Get comfortable in your ride and keep up with the normal maintenance but don't freak...
  8. TheWidup

    Can a 2013 LR4 be upgraded to Heavy Duty?

    The terrain response system needs to know what's there to work properly. I don't think adding a manual controlled locker will end up very well as the computer will freak out when you activate it.
  9. TheWidup

    Can a 2013 LR4 be upgraded to Heavy Duty?

    I think this is the old thread on this with a claim that they managed to use the stock rear locker and upgrade a 2012... The tl;dr on it for most: If you want HD, find one and buy it.
  10. TheWidup

    Thoughts on 2021 Bronco as LR4 replacement?

    I came from Ford because their 4wd system uses a vacuum system to keep in 2wd. When the vacuum starts to fail the hubs start to engage and it basically destroys them. If you want your system to live just drive in 4x4 all the time (which I'm sure will have the terrible Ford turning radius)...
  11. TheWidup

    Let's try to get the facts down on tensioner issues

    I had a 99 Dodge Intrepid that had a tensioner issue and I was the 2nd owner of it. The tensioners wore down and the chain shredded one of them and took that piece through the water pump sprocket and killed the engine entirely...smashed the valves and scarred the pistons. That was due to oil...
  12. TheWidup

    Let's try to get the facts down on tensioner issues

    2013 - bought it at 24k and it now has 51k on it. Been doing the 6k oil changes with full synthetic 5w-20 Mobile-1 and purpolator filters. I have a mityvac so it's all topside oil changes. No noise from the chain and this better not jinx it.
  13. TheWidup

    Another Defender hint?

    The ford site failed just like how their 4wd system will fail. I love the idea of the Bronco but Ford lost me in their Sync tech, hodgepodge 4wd system, lipstick on a pig, etc. I'm waiting on a Rivian at this point...keeping my LR4 a baby as long as I can.
  14. TheWidup

    Defender(s) making a massive scene recovering a 20ton truck

    Granted it took two of them but they pulled it off. Pretty impressive frame.
  15. TheWidup

    Tell an LR4 guy how to love that Defender rear door?

    you guys must have great dogs. My 3 idiots jump over it and out every freaking time I open the top hatch.
  16. TheWidup

    Tell an LR4 guy how to love that Defender rear door?

    Says the guy that built an awesome sleeping platform that I was even brave enough to show my wife. She’s intrigued. She was also very upset that the defender (which has been discussed as my future ride) would have a swing out door. They can do better. Let’s hope the 130 gets us back to normalcy.
  17. TheWidup

    Thoughts on filling up with E10?

    Haha. Land of free opinions but not land of free use. Corn lobbyists won over decades ago to start pushing ethanol in fuel to reduce emissions. It’s sort of a joke on all of us.
  18. TheWidup

    Humming sound after vehicle is turned off

    Right rear fender area makes me think fuel pump might have just been keeping pressure up. I’ve never heard that on my 13 but that’s the only thing mechanical I can think of in that area of the LR.
  19. TheWidup

    Working on an “infotainment” upgrade

    Yes. I went with a cellular edition. The “automatic” pairing for hotspot via the phone isn’t very automatic. It also uses your phone hotspot for GPS if you only go WiFi which is really awful accuracy if you don’t keep the phone out on the dash. You don’t need to pay a monthly service fee for...
  20. TheWidup

    Tell an LR4 guy how to love that Defender rear door?

    I bet this’ll be a refit for the 2022 models
  21. TheWidup

    Tell an LR4 guy how to love that Defender rear door?

    Yeah. This should be an option that they offer. They’re really limiting folks with a giant swing door.
  22. TheWidup

    Tell an LR4 guy how to love that Defender rear door?

    I'm with you. That swinging door is a huge detractor. I think the designers never thought of the impact of use in a garage. I love the split tailgate so much for the same reasons you do. The big swing door doesn't provide a "roof" over your head for outdoor activities, messes with garage...
  23. TheWidup

    Working on an “infotainment” upgrade

    The only thing that I wish was different was the iPad interface in the console. The module works great to feed the audio from the device into the head unit but it won't push enough amps into the iPad to charge it. I tore the module apart to see if it was something that was primitive enough to...
  24. TheWidup

    Working on an “infotainment” upgrade

    So it's really simple. Originally I was trying to do a fancy custom wood bracket and then realized that a 42 degree gentle bend of dash generally resists adhesion of mounting tape. I decided to get some bar magnets and stick them to the plastic frame above the screen. These are the magnets I...
  25. TheWidup

    2006 LR3 aftermarket radio

    You might want to check out my LR4 hack. No android or Apple auto for me. Simple iPad and some magnets.

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