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    Roof rail installation trouble

    Your LR4 looks great with the rack fitted. How is the wind noise from inside the cabin after the install?
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    Mechatronic Replacement

    Yep, twice. Nothing beats the feeling of putting everything back together and going through the filling process, only to find the truck wouldn’t start because the mechatronic sleeve was not all the way in and prevented the harness from locking into place. I pulled on the connection and the...
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    My LR4 Journal

    It’s been a minute since my last update, but it wasn’t long before the LR4 needed some attention. After a few weeks of acclimating to the Seattle weather, I noticed the rear wiper was operating slower than usual. Then I was greeted with every warning light on the dash. By the time I pulled up...
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    13 LR4 Transmission Pan - ZF6HP26 Pan work for a 6HP28?

    I purchased my kit from AB, which I think is just the kit from Britpart based on the packaging, which is just a kit from BMW since my metal pan still had the sticker recommending to use only BMW lifetime fluids.
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    LR4 Grill Mounting Light bracket

    It’s like working on a Land Rover using IKEA instructions.
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    Mechatronic Replacement

    I can vouch for everyone commenting that the transmission does not have to come out. I have a 2013 with the 5.0L and just did a full transmission service in my driveway along with a mechatronic service in my dining room. If yours still has the plastic pan, drain and then remove all of the...
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    Terrafirma Swingaway Tire Carrier Issue - Loose Wheel

    Thanks for the respones guys. I thought about this yesterday and threw on a 5mm H&R spacer I had laying around from a BMW. Problem solved.
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    Terrafirma Swingaway Tire Carrier Issue - Loose Wheel

    I just installed a Terrafirma tire carrier on my LR4 and I’m running into a really interesting fitment issue where there is still play in the wheel even after I’ve tightened down all 3 lugs onto the mounting plate. I’m running a RR wheel with a 47mm offset, so that has more material than the...
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    My LR4 Journal

    It’s always worse on the trip home.
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    My LR4 Journal

    As mention previously, the drive home was uneventful. The truck drove smoothly, no warning lights on the dash, and I made it home. What more could you ask for in a Land Rover? My biggest issue was really the infotainment. Having lived with BMW’s attest iDrive iterations and wireless...
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    I think I need a new bearing. Do LCA replacements "while I'm in there"?

    My philosophy has been if you’re going to change one side, you might as well replace the other side just to be safe. Have you had your wheels rebalanced? I recently went from the the stock 30s to 33s and the vibration was ridiculous. I went to a different tire shop for a rebalance and the...
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    My LR4 Journal

    First off, I wanted to say thank you to all of the forum members who continue to post, respond, and continue to keep this place active. The Land Rover community is amazing and I can’t thank you enough for the breathe of knowledge you have shared. Anyways, I wanted a place to document...

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