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    Camshaft Sensor and Low Oil Level..

    Considering sales volume of new vehicles sold, is it just me, or is there really a high percentage of these fine luxury British vehicles with motor failures? Oil consumption/loss, coolant leaks, fuel rail pressure concerns and lean codes. Generally on vehicles that aren't that old and do not...
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    2016 L405 TDV6 Issue Diagnosis

    Sounds like another good Rover fell victim to the Government and manufacturer's idea of extended maintenance intervals. You did not mention miles on odometer that I can see. Divide by 10. Subtract 1 or 2 from there, and figure that's the maximum number of oil changes performed to date...
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    Replaced my AMK Compressor with a new one today. Now my venting is almost embarrassingly loud.

    Check your hose, and hose routing. If not that, we have seen defective new compressors before out of the box. Has nothing to do with AMK.
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    Dealership Multi-Point Inspection INSANE Recommendations!

    No surprises here. Including customer attitude towards the estimates. Reality sucks.
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    Replacement engine It's not a bad package, and they pay the return freight on the core.
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    Multiple System Fault Code then Key Failure

    Pay particular attention to the right front floorboard and see if you have wet carpet. Might have to pull up the scuff plate inside that door to check the bundle of wiring harness running down that channel. Moon roof (sunroof) drain tube nipples are notorious for pulling off inside that vent...
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    2 Piece Transmission Filter And Pan Kit

    To get the OE pan off you would have to lift it up off of the cross-member. Your going to have to take some stuff loose and apart to do that. The conversion allows it to be done in place.
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    Replacing parts might only fix some of the problem. I'd have a collision center do it. You'll want to be sure everything is lined up right once the parts are replaced, and some things get bent and you can't always see that. No shop appreciates coming in to a repair after someone else has...
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    Rotor wear advice

    That's odd. If the rotors were THAT hard, why would the brake pads cause the rotors to wear at all? Something wore, creating that telltale "lip" at the edge of the rotor! Good rotors don't have to be crazy expensive. Yes, a shop can fool around trying to turn the rotors, but at what expense...
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    Is a d5 a great deal right now?

    If it sounds too good to be true it isn't.
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    How crazy would it be...

    Put that money in a rainy day account and start using it for proper maintenance on your LR. Save the rest for repairs. (You're going to need it.) Get over the color. Buy a white one next time.
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    Instrument panel blinks. Help please

    Check real hard that you don't have any wet carpet - especially on the passenger front floorboard. Odd electrical symptoms like that are not normal. Battery would be quick and easy. I hope that's all it is.
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    Opinions please (Non-Technical)

    The property manager was the dick here. That's ridiculous. grass is grass. You're clearly in a parking space.
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    BG Fluids???

    Unless you want to stop taking care of the vehicle maintenance. Your call. How long do you intend to keep it?
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    5.0 V8 Timing Chain Repair - Directory of Shops Successfully Performing Repair

    Think about that. No question about it.
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    5.0 V8 Timing Chain Repair - Directory of Shops Successfully Performing Repair

    It boils down to wear, Steve. Quality of engineering and materials utilized in the manufacture of the components. Life of these materials will only prolonged by proper lubrication, use of appropriate lubricants, and correct service intervals. Prolonging oil change intervals to 10K miles, or...
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    BG Fluids???

    BG stands for "BEARING AND GEAR" The company is well known by manufacturers as EXPERTS on lubricants and other automotive and industrial applications. BG has a warranty program - they stand behind their product if the product is used as recommended. Good stuff.
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    Front diff making metal

    It looks and sounds like you could rebuild it now, but once the sound changes and bigger chunks break off in there you'll be looking for a rebuilt unit to exchange yours with. There's a point where it's going to cost more and the repair will be more involved. Pay now, or pay later... This is...
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    5.0 V8 Timing Chain Repair - Directory of Shops Successfully Performing Repair

    We have done several here at Motorcars Ltd. in Houston, Tx. $3800-$7300 - case-specific (though the engines may be the same there are different challenges between a RR, a LR4, super-charged - or not) It's always lack of maintenance causing premature wear and or sludge clogging the works...
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    Very high idle, 2800 RPM

    Check the air intake - what we call the "snorkel". The rubber boots have a tendency to wear through if in contact with the engine cover, and there are other "leaks" we've detected by smoke test on these as well. If it's drawing in too much air it's running lean and it will throw a check engine...

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