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    Lug Nuts Will Not Budge

    like others said, get a good 1/2” cordless impact gun and a torque wrench so you never have to deal with over-tightened lug nuts ever again.
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    Indy mechanic Boston area - fuel pump issue

    Cityside Garage in Holliston or JE Robinson in Western Mass cant guarantee they’ll be cheaper but at least they won’t screw him over
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    Todays Battle

    hard to say from the picture but i normally don’t take chances with coolant, brake or fuel lines. if it’s suspicious, replace it.
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    LR4 Grill Mounting Light bracket

    Christ, this installation looks like a total nightmare!
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    Crossover pipe work

    the fact that your mechanic didn’t know that the supercharger needed to come out to do the crossover pipes is telling you that you need to find a new mechanic..
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    LR4 - Is there an equivalent in ride/driving experience?

    not a ladder frame but you can try L322 of the similar vintage. i didn’t notice a huge disconnect between my L322 and the LR4s i have test driven during my (ongoing) search for one. nothing else (sequoia, lx570, Escalade) comes even close, so don’t waste your time. as others said, there’s a...
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    2015 HD in CO (not mine)

    eyes of a hawk, catching that hi/lo toggle switch! ;-) here’s another one for those looking:
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    Long crank, no faults

    Check this video: its the best one I’ve seen on the topic of DIY. It looks like with front timing chains covers off and the main chains removed, there’s plenty of room to remove the vacuum pump/hpfp chain tensioner and the little chain that drives it.
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    Long crank, no faults

    apologies if this is obvious, but there’s no way to do a hpfp timing guide/chain without removing the body off of the frame? I could swear some of the timing chain videos showed an oil pump/hpfp chain and guides being replaced at the same time during the main guide work..
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    Air Suspension head scratcher

    I don’t know how many miles are on the Arnotts but the people on L322 forum have been dealing with prematurely failing Arnott products for a while now and the verdict is to stay clear. I’ve had a pair fail on my BMW wagon in under a year where’s the factory lasted closed to 20 years. I would...
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    wow, congrats! strong numbers and hope it went to a good home!
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    @TN Rover what did you end up doing with your truck?
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    Can anyone identify this slow ticking noise?

    fan clutch?
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    beautiful truck and i love those wheels! most likely out of my price range but do post it here first so a fellow enthusiast has a chance.
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    agreed. i would personally take a gamble at 10k as long as the bodywork was done properly.
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    i think the main stigma here is the salvage title, most buyers shy away from it. clean title, I would say the 15-17k range would be a market price for it. case in point:
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    @TN Rover in my biased humble opinion, if the truck is spotless and cooling system/timing chains done, it’s worth $15k, tops and that would have to be to a dedicated enthusiast with cash ready. If above not done, this is a $10k truck at best. In no way I’m implying you should use these numbers...
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    There’s a guy on NY/NJ Facebook Marketplace that’s been trying to sell white/arabica ‘13 with 60k mi that had gotten salvaged because it overheated. He did head gaskets, cooling system and timing chains once all of it was apart. He started at 20k and he’s down to 17k now with no bites, had been...
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    Market for a 2010 LR4 Lux plus HD low miles!

    I’ve been on a market for a vehicle like yours for quite some time, so I may not be disinterested party. However, if the timing chains/coolant system etc has not been done, I feel 21-22k is an insanely high price for a salvaged vehicle. For the reference, I passed on a 28k mi LR4 at the dealer...
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    Engine Rattling on Cold Start (Timing chain tensioner?)

    I thought that TSB applied to AJV8s only and the SCV6 had its own share of timing chain issues?
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    Engine Rattling on Cold Start (Timing chain tensioner?)

    not to hijack the thread, but what’s the consensus on the year for these SCV6s where the timing guides/tensioners were an improved version straight from the factory? are 2015s safe or the 2016 is the safest bet?
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    Is this a factory display unit?

    thanks ryan! just to confirm these are plug and play (minus coding with IIDtool) and come complete with ballasts, igniters, etc? EDIT: never mind, looks like it is a plug and play after all
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    Is this a factory display unit?

    hi ryan, any chance you could point me to the direction of the retrofit? just trying to see the cost/effort involved. thanks!
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    Is this a factory display unit?

    it has two sunroofs but no parking sensors for sure
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    Is this a factory display unit?

    nope, had a regular V8

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