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    Good bye and thank you

    Hey David, The G class is very nice. They are redesigning it I think in the near future.
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    Good bye and thank you

    some more photos. there is plenty of space in the second row, and the third row seats have as much space as the LR4 second row seats. with 3 kids, that comes in handy.
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    Good bye and thank you

    here are some photos
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    Good bye and thank you

    Ok pics to follow
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    Good bye and thank you

    Dear fellow LR4 forum members, I have been a member on this forum since 2010. I have owned 2 LR4s and was waiting for my LR dealer to contact me when they got a 2014 LR4 lux with VA package. Well, I waited two months and the phone did not ring. We decided to go test drive a GL450 last...
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    12V portable air compressor

    damn it! Just ordered one! i have a cheap Slime one which works but takes forever.
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    12V portable air compressor

    its cheaper on amazon and if you have a prime account you'll get free two day shipping.
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    Should I go w/ Santorini Black?

    The black LR4s look "more expensive" Very nice when they are clean. The only problem is you'll see every little swirl mark and scratch and if youre like me it'll drive you nuts. I had a black lexus a few yrs ago and I swore it was the last black car I would own.
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    Showoff Your LR4

    very nice. LR4s look great in white. This is the 2010 white (Alaska White) if I am not mistaken. It's more of an almond white as opposed to the Fuji White. I like both colors. Very nice! I may switch it up for the next one and go with black or Corris grey, but Ill probably end up with a...
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    Don't Forget to Air Down on Sand!

    very funny. Same thing happened to me in the Cul De Sac in front of our house in the snow. I was trying to show off in front of my neighbor and I got stuck like that. The contis are horrible in the snow. I eventually got out without help but it was pretty embarrassing.
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    parking sensors

    I have noticed for the past couple days when I shift to R, The parking sensors in the rear emit a continuous beep. The parking sensor light flashes then the entire sensor system shuts down. I cannot turn it back on by pushing the button. Anyone experience this before? I cleaned the sensors...
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    Showoff Your LR4

    Very very nice. Do you keep the boxes on the rack full time?
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    Steam Cleaning of Engine / Undercarriage?

    my advice is don't do it unless you really have to. I had my lexus engine bay "steam cleaned" by a professional and had some electrical issues afterwards which disappeared after a few weeks. I think heated moisture under pressure will get into various electrical components and cause issues. I...
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    Poll - help me pick color - FUJI or CORRIS

    Fuji White
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    New to forum

    welcome. great forum.
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    Have $75K? You can get a '13 or '14 LR4 Today!

    nice looking truck
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    2010 LR4 Headlight problem / weirdness?

    That sucks bigtime. I hope they resolve this real quick. If not I would look into the lemon laws in your state.
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    3 car seats in an LR4?

    my Honda odyssey has latch in the middle seat and in the third row seats as well.
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    Engine Vibration

    any updates?
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    Locking the doors from inside

    ridiculous but true!
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    Major Issue

    Always Garaged. was about 10 degrees at night.
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    Showoff Your LR4

    Nice color which contrasts very well with the ebony interior. Congrats!
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    Memory Seats

    It is absolutely CRAZY that memory seats don't come standard in the LR4 at any trim level. Even with the lux you only get drivers side memory. That is still true for the 2014.
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    Major Issue

    I like white bc it looks great and it's easier to keep clean. I will let you know when I drive the 2014.
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    Speakers/stereo issue

    I have had the same issue a few times but it works fine after restarting.

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