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  1. joey

    Thank you for adding me

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. joey

    Greetings from Manotick, On

    I would say welcome to the forum, but it looks like you have been here a while. So Thanks for the intro.
  3. joey

    Lifting (for tire rotation) 2017 Range Rover Sport

    Nothing real special, I just normally make sure the drivers door is not closed all the way. It prevents the self leveling.
  4. joey


    Welcome to the forum.
  5. joey

    Your Content

    If you go to your own profile, then select "Postings" then select the find button you will see the option of Find All Threads by xxxx
  6. joey

    Why Hello

    Welcome to the forum.
  7. joey

    New member, first RR ..r a

    Welcome to the forum. Looks good.
  8. joey

    Hello newbie owner

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. joey

    New but old

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. joey

    2003 Disco 2, pulled codes and cylinders 2,4,6,8 detected misfires. Truck runs great and does not overheat ?

    It sounds like your vehicle may have had some water ingress issues at some point. For the sunroofs (I don't like them myself, so I would just make sure they are closed and pull the power plug to the motors). Door locks the master is the drivers door so it may be on its way out.
  11. joey

    2011 Range Rover hse sputtering upon acceleration

    Mileage, last tune up, and check engine codes? More info needed. Have you done anything to the vehicle including changing the radio or adding a K&N airfilter.
  12. joey

    WV mechanic

    Nathan is in La Grange KY, so depending on where you live, but I will say when I had my D1 in WV Nathan helped me a lot. His info is in my Signature.
  13. joey

    LR4 Parts & Accessories...

    It is best if you plan to sell things to put prices with the item.
  14. joey

    Hello to all

    Welcome to the forum.
  15. joey

    Play in steering.

    I don't recall if the 2003 has a tightening bolt, but remember this isn't really a fix as much as a bandaid.
  16. joey

    New 2023 Range Rover Sport

    Welcome to the forum. Pics?
  17. joey

    New 2013 Fuji White LR4 owner

    Well that isn't good. I just checked and they have one for the LR3, not the LR4; I wonder why. Sorry for the bad info.
  18. joey

    New 2013 Fuji White LR4 owner

    Welcome to the forum. I would create an account here and download the service schedule.
  19. joey

    icarsoft VS. RSW ABS Amigo V1 USB for 2003 Disco 2 and the 3 amigos

    Change the valve
  20. joey

    Discovery 3 2008 - Reverse back view

    I did this in a 2008 RRS, but I did it via the rear view mirror, cheap and much easier than doing the dash screen.
  21. joey

    Discovery sport boot not unlocking

    2 options take the inner door panel off and open the boot, or take it to a shop and they will do it. Sounds like a sensor or the latch unit went bad.
  22. joey

    new owner of 2003 Disco with issues but I love the truck

    Welcome to the forum. Post away in the Discovery section and I am sure someone will offer advice.
  23. joey

    My first Land Rover!!

    Congrats, looks good.
  24. joey

    New member in Ohio

    Welcome to the forum. Where in Ohio if I may ask?

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