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    Coolant Leaking from behind rear wheel

    Here's the air flow path on the rear heater assembly. 5 is the heater core. 1 is the air diverter door.
  2. Rover Range

    Help! Its Smoking!

    Absolutely. Probably a 1/3 of the cost. I would go with someone that specializes in rebuilding Rover engines.
  3. Rover Range

    Help! Its Smoking!

    Wasn't my vehicle. $32k, extended warranty covered it.
  4. Rover Range

    Help! Its Smoking!

    It was a new engine. No quote for a rebuilt. When I did the leak down test, air was leaking past the rings and into the crankcase. With the engine running, you can remove the oil filler cap and check for excessive blow by.
  5. Rover Range

    Help! Its Smoking!

    I had one a couple months ago. Was guzzling five qts of oil in a 1,000 miles. Ended up needing an engine. Piston rings were shot.
  6. Rover Range

    Help! Its Smoking!

    Valve stem seal failures are extremely rear. A leaking valve stem seal would only show up on engine deceleration, like exiting a freeway ramp. i.e. high engine vacuum.
  7. Rover Range

    Coolant Leaking from behind rear wheel

    Yes. Same with the front heater core.
  8. Rover Range

    Coolant Leaking from behind rear wheel

    There are no valves in the coolant pipes, to the rear heater core.
  9. Rover Range

    Discovery 5 Air Suspension

    Have it diagnosed. No point guessing what is wrong. Easiest thing to do is, see if the compressor comes on at all when you start the vehicle up and cycle the height switch.
  10. Rover Range


    You have to remember. The batteries might be made by the same manufacturer. But. The batteries that don't meet the quality criteria are sent to the big box stores.
  11. Rover Range

    Failed emissions - no faults

    Whenever the battery is disconnected, the engine learned parameters are erased. This won't set DTCs. A drive cycle will need to be performed.
  12. Rover Range

    LR320 moving metal parts by the spare tire

    They cancel out vibration frequencies in the chassis/frame. I wouldn't mess with them.
  13. Rover Range

    LR4 "Gearbox not in Park" - Dial shifter stuck in Drive

    Just one release. The lever releases the transmission parking pawl. If the vehicle is on an incline, the lever can become difficult to lift.
  14. Rover Range

    Metal plumbing available for LR4 coolant system?

    Can't be too absurd. Made it 150k miles.
  15. Rover Range

    Long crank, no faults

    You need four things for an engine to run. 1) Ignition 2) compression 3) fuel 4) for all to happen at the right time
  16. Rover Range

    Is this a failing crossover pipe?

    The heater core can be replaced without removing the dash. The coolant pipes just have to be tweaked a little bit while removing. Basically, remove the center console and HVAC control panel.
  17. Rover Range

    Long crank, no faults

    Crank sensors won't keep it from cranking. Does the ignition turn on?
  18. Rover Range

    Camshaft Position Sensor Code P0390

    Sensors are the same. Just swap the sensors. You don't want to swap connectors, this will generate different DTCs.
  19. Rover Range

    Camshaft Position Sensor Code P0390

    Mark the bad sensor. Swap two of the sensors and see if the DTC follows the sensor.
  20. Rover Range

    Camshaft Position Sensor Code P0390

    Cam sensor failures are extremely rare. I would check the related connectors at the front of the engine. Make sure no coolant in them and properly seated.
  21. Rover Range

    HD vs non-HD package LR4

    AC condensation.
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  23. Rover Range


    We have some used harnesses here. I found the connector you need. Just pay shipping and it's yours.
  24. Rover Range

    Sun roof drain question

    The rear drains need to be checked at the sunroof tray. They can have a slight bow upwards, preventing proper drainage. Remove the drain tube from the track, cut an inch off and reattach. You can access the drain tubes through the rear doors. Remove the overhead handle at the head liner...
  25. Rover Range

    2016 LR4 Suspension Issue

    The front valve block is for the front struts only, left to right balance. The center valve block handles front to rear.

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