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  1. SkiWill

    LR4 TPMS Pressure Sensors

    The LR4 is remarkably picky to TMPS sensors. This is one case where you either buy genuine Land Rover parts or parts from VDO the OEM. Those are the only ones that I have had work. There's an ancient thread I posted on this topic on a Land Rover forum, but I spend a lot of time with a tire...
  2. SkiWill

    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    I looked in that location but don't have a UV light. I'm guessing there's a small leak in that location but couldn't tell with just a regular flashlight. The shop got to work on it right away yesterday on Tuesday when they said they would, so they're off to a good start. I'm having them do...
  3. SkiWill

    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    TX, I've watched the video that you put together and I have to thank you for all the hard work. It's not that I can't do this job, it's that I don't have the time or desire to do this job. Unfortunately, I found that 2 of the 3 independent Land Rover shops in the Salt Lake area recently...
  4. SkiWill

    Safari Gard Hippo Hitch

    From their website specifically says to size down the aluminum spacer rather than hit the ring on the LR4. If you were told differently, I believe you, but all I have is what they have in writing: "Photos in the gallery detail the simple installation procedure. The aluminum upper bushing spacer...
  5. SkiWill

    Is there anyway to see if crossover pipes have been done?

    Is there any way to check if crossover pipes have been done? I've had my LR4 for about 20,000 miles and 4 years (I don't use it to commute, just to camp, hunt, etc). It now has about 90,500 miles on it. I bought it pre-pandemic before prices were crazy and the GMC dealer where I bought it did...
  6. SkiWill

    Safari Gard Hippo Hitch

    So I've towed for a few thousand miles at this point with the hitch and here are my thoughts: Pros: It's really stout and the welds are quality. I don't worry about this thing bending like the cheap $150 AB hitch. It's better ground clearance and mounts the tongue further back from the bumper...
  7. SkiWill

    My EAS (air suspension) Emergency Kit

    If your compressor fails, you will have some air left in the reserve tank. Eventually, there will be some leakage and air discharged from the system through the valves trying to level the vehicle as temperatures change and weight in the vehicle changes. You will likely have some time to get to...
  8. SkiWill

    Safari Gard Hippo Hitch

    I have one on those on the way. I'll post up my thoughts once it arrives next week and I get it installed.
  9. SkiWill

    lr4 360 cameras

    It would at the very least require changing several lengths of wiring harness including the wiring harness for the front bumper which has the camera specific connectors, possibly swapping a control module, and then procuring all of the cameras. I'm not sure if it would require a vehicle harness...
  10. SkiWill

    Ultimate Towing Thread

    How's that auxiliary fuel tank working out? Do you have any issues with check engine lights or other codes? I know that they started importing the tanks, but do they have any EPA certification? I have emissions checks around here.
  11. SkiWill

    Safari Gard Hippo Hitch

    Thank you. That's very helpful.
  12. SkiWill

    Safari Gard Hippo Hitch

    Has anyone installed a hippo hitch or seen one in person that can comment on how well built it is? I know that the Ox hitch had a batch with a lot of weld failures. Any reason why it would not work with a tactical 4x4 rear bumper installed?
  13. SkiWill

    My EAS (air suspension) Emergency Kit

    I had been searching for some sort of EAS trail kit to get the Rover off the bump stops in the event of EAS system failure. It seems that the GOES or Green Oval Experience kit is out of production and the business itself no longer exists. The Faskit seems a bit expensive and overkill. Some...
  14. SkiWill

    Non-OEM/OEM TPMS (433mhz) for 2016 LR4 HSE recommendations?

    I am not sure about 433 MHz, but my 2012 was very picky about which TMPS sensors were fitted for the 315 MHz. My new sensors were quoted at $120 each from Land Rover dealerships, which was about the same as an aftermarket NAPA unit, which did not interface properly with the onboard computer. I...
  15. SkiWill

    TMPS Issue Codes C1D21-05 and C1D18-00

    Well, just wanted to close the loop on this in case anyone has any issues in the future based on the overwhelming responses and interest. ;) Hopefully this helps someone in the future. The C1-D18-00 (2F) code indicates that two or more TMPS sensors have failed. The C1-D21-05 (2F) code...
  16. SkiWill

    TMPS Issue Codes C1D21-05 and C1D18-00

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I have a 2012 LR4 and a couple of days ago noticed that the front passenger tire pressure sensor was no longer communicating with the TMPS. Then, shortly after, I received the general (and fairly useless) warning of "TPMS Fault" and the tire pressure warning light...
  17. SkiWill

    Your thoughts on the Ineos Grenadier?

    I would actually argue that there is a solid market for the Grenadier. The Wrangler is terrific off road, but it's miserable as a utility vehicle. The Bronco is basically a Ford Wrangler. They have minuscule payload capacity, a joke of 3500 lb towing capacity, but they have big tires. Really...

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