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    New owner is selling my old LR4

    Welcome to town!
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    2016 LR4 Coolant Crossover, Water Pump, Thermostat Replacement

    I emailed Seafoam and Berryman (chemtool products maker) and both said they are supercharger (and turbo) safe. Now I didn't ask about the coating, but I assumed all superchargers had that, and safe meant ok for that. I did notice that mine had some missing spots, but it wasn't flaking off; more...
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    Best way to sell my LR4?

    That was my thought. I know my local dealer doesn't have many used cars on the lot, and no LR4s
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    Best way to sell my LR4?

    Can you sell it outright to a Land Rover dealer?
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    Charging system fault

    Ditto for me
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    5.0 supercharged into an LR4?

    It looks like it's pre-body kit or test ride before full reassembly. @SCV8LR4 we for sure need more details
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Well dang, my vin doesn't fall into that range either (SALAG). I wonder how strict they'll be on vins or if they'll expand the range at some point. No issues so far, so that's good.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I'm not sure if they would, but I would sure fight for it. You would probably have the best chance if it was done by the dealership vs. an indy.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    From what I can tell from the parts sites, they are separate pieces. Maybe one of the folks who have had recent problems would be able to chime in for sure. No problem, we're all in this together haha! It probably wouldn't have really registered if there wasn't some threads about folks having...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I also searched NHTSA by my VIN and came up empty, but when i checked by vehicle make/model it shows up. 1 Associated Investigation Fuel Tank Flange Leak NHTSA ID: PE20018 Dated opened: November 5, 2020...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I wonder if if won't show online until JLR starts sending notifications? I haven't received notification through my CarMax warranty yet either. Do all RRS in that range have the same parts, or was there some change in the years after '13? I'm not keen on RRS model year nuances. Would there...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I just received a recall alert from GasBuddy for my LR4 and i know some other members have had issues will gas smells: FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE: DELIVERY:FUEL PUMP:MOUNTING PLATE/FLANGE, FUEL SYSTEM, GASOLINE August 11th, 2021 A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source increases the risk...
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    Check Engine Light and Fault Codes

    What's the year and milage? My first thought is a vacuum leak or possibly the PCV diaphragm (I can't remember if that trips lean or rich codes).
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    The curious case of the missing LR4 Antenna

    @Kuro50 I have the power stop kit on mine, no issues and they really are low dust. I had them on my Silverado before and liked them so much I put them on the LR4
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    magnaflow on LR4 - any ground clearance issues?

    What effect would removing the mid-muffler/resonator and leaving the rear mufflers have? Also, what about mufflers made for the Jag 3.0L to replace our current ones?
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    For those who have other things to worry about other than crossover pipe failure/catastrophic overheating

    On a side note - what would the collective think is the fail rate on the coolant level sensors (miles or years)? Should that be on the list of crossover pipe bits since it's a $25 part...
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    Coolant Leak, not holding vacuum

    I vote OE as well. It's a cheap enough part to eat the cost and have peace of mind that it won't bite you in the a$$ and be more expensive a few thousand miles down the road. Having just done mine recently, I agree that it should sit flush easily and without question whether it seated all the way.
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    Oil in intake manifold

    I think even a fully functioning pcv let's oil through. The pooling oil is just a result of oil vapor returning to liquid form once the engine cools down. I would guess that the amount that trapped (1-2 oz) is just a result of all the nooks and crannies in the supercharger plus the extra heat...
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    Lifted suspension/calibration issue

    Service/Test - Suspension - Set Tight/Normal tolerance
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    Dark color website?

    I'm usually logged in on my phone so I thought it was a mobile setting
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    @hickersb maybe it depends on what type vehicle you were used to previously. I came from a 2.0l Sentra and a 5.3l 4x4 Silverado; the fist few times I drove the LR4 it felt fast and spunky...then after a month, not so much. My inclination, just based on web searches and this forum, are that it...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    Yea, probably so. I think the last time I saw it on sale was in December, but they may do other sales events. When it's on sale the pulley/tune run around $1,450 vs $1,940 regular price.
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I'm still running the original snout/pulley/coupler. Will do the coupler/SC oil next time I have the lid off. May do the pulley too since it's pretty cheap and adds another 1.5 psi. Interested in the ****** tune but haven't heard any feedback either. If you time it right, VAP will put the...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    Agreed I have been successful thus far .
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I've done a little more investigating and have come to the point where I don't think the pump upgrade will work for the '16 stumpy pump. The previous years pump had a 2 prong electrical connector, where the '16 has a 3 prong connector . At least at this point I'm not jumping at re-doing...