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    Is the location of the plate in the rear of the LR4 legal in CO?

    OK, the thread title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I happened to run into the article below and noticed the following line: Colorado law specifically requires that the permanent plate be located no less than a foot from the ground "at the...
  2. Quijote

    Key battery / e-brake warning oddity

    I just wanted to report a weird incident in case others come across it. I hope it's nothing. As you probably know, we don't drive our LR4 often (typically 5-7k miles per year), and now it's just once or twice a week since COVID hit and on pace for ~3k miles this year. Some months ago, I got a...
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    Let's try to get the facts down on tensioner issues

    We've discussed tensioner-related issues a lot on this board over the years. I think it would be helpful to summarize what we know. I'll start with a poor attempt and hopefully we can get to a consensus. 1) We all agree with the fact that the oil change interval should be reduced from the...
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    Rear brake job - ebrake in service mode?

    Later this week I'll tackle a full rear brake job. My 2013 LR4 is 6.5 years old with 42k miles. I replaced the rear pads with OEM pads at 22k miles and 3.5 years ago. I have OEM rear discs and bought EBC yellow pads for the rear. But I just noticed that those pads did not come with the...
  5. Quijote

    Belt and spark plugs at 7 years? Other comments on maintenance

    I don't have it handy, but last night I was reading the service manual and saw the recommended interval for plugs and belt is 7 years (and some mileage over 100k which does not apply to me as I am at just under 39k miles). Have you guys followed that? We don't often talk about belts and plugs...
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    Thoughts and experiences from recent road trip

    We've discussed these separately but frankly, I do not feel like digging up and resurrecting all those threads. Brief reminder about my LR4: August 2013 HSE LUX, HD pkg, 37k miles. We drove up to Acadia. Total of about 800 miles driven. Awesome trip. Love it up there. 1) I still love the...
  7. Quijote

    GAP Diagnostics down?

    I cannot seem to get to their website and when I try to use the tool, it connects and gives me live rpm and voltage readings but the screen has an "Initialization" heading with just a list parameters with "Not Loaded" next to them and I cannot click on anything.
  8. Quijote

    Review of Continental TerrainContact A/T

    After 5.5 years and 34.5k miles, I finally replaced the OEM Contis with TerrainContacts A/T. Note that 12.5k of those miles were put on my winter Hakkas, so I only kept the OEM Contis for about 22k miles. As a result of rotating with the full size spare, the OEM Contis could have given me...
  9. Quijote

    Low coolant. No leak?

    We drove 300+ miles to Montreal yesterday. Drive was as smooth as can be. This morning I turn on the LR4 and I get a low coolant warning. A quick check shows an absolutely bone-dry engine compartment and coolant level at the bottom of the plastic reservoir. Shame on me for not carefully checking...
  10. Quijote

    Fender liner plastic snaps part number check.

    I clumsily damaged my front brake pad wear sensor this weekend and in the process of replacing the infernal sensor cable I permanently damaged a couple of the black snaps. I'm pretty certain this is it: but I wanted to confirm since LR4 is not listed...
  11. Quijote

    Rear locker comes on more often than I thought

    I happened to want to use the LR4's elevation read-out to track general altitude as I drove through an area I usually cycle through. Naturally, this mode shows the lockers. I have the HD pkg so I show two lockers. To my surprise, as I was pulling away at a light at a brisk but reasonable pace...
  12. Quijote

    Engine air filter

    My (late) 2013 has 26k miles and the air filters have not been changed. What is the recommended interval for replacement and what brand of filter do you use? I was about to buy the set of two from Atlantic British but I am not convinced that it's OEM. Thanks!
  13. Quijote

    Changing rear brakes now - some questions

    I bought a full OEM LR brake kit figuring I'd do discs and pads in the rear now and discs and pads in the front in the spring. I have the car up in the lift now. Started with rear left and outside pad is in sad shape, but inside one doing significantly better. Measured the new rotor and it's...
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    HID lamp not working

    Is it more likely that the lamp itself failed, or something in the system, like the ballast? Are HID's (all aspects of it) covered under warranty, or will I get an obnoxious bill for something I could have troubleshooted/replaced myself? Just want to know if I should bring it in or not? I...
  15. Quijote

    Need to buy yellow plugs on side - can't find part number

    When I installed my voyager rock sliders/steps, the yellow plastic plugs/clips show in the photo below (not my car) prevented me from getting the right fit, so I had to destructively remove them. I can't seem to find a part number to buy them. Can you guys help? I suspect they act as bumpers...
  16. Quijote

    Rusted out voyager sliders/steps

    You may recall a I posted a thread about how I had started to notice rust on my sliders after just 4 months and one winter. I contacted Voyager and their only suggestion was to ship it back and forth to them at my expense ($$$) only to have them recoat it with the same crappy process. I...
  17. Quijote

    Michelin Premier LTX in 19"

    I was just helping my sister with picking a new tire for her Acura and saw that that the Michelin Premier LTX is available in our size and it has glowing reviews. Any experience with them? I think I am good on the factory Contis this year (I use winter tires), but I almost certainly have to...
  18. Quijote

    Voyager side steps badly rusted

    As I mentioned a while back, my Voyager rock slides with steps started to rust within a few months. Now, a year and a half later, it actually looks pretty bad and paint is delaminating in large chunks. (pictures sometime this weekend) I cannot believe what a poor job they do with the finish...
  19. Quijote

    New Discovery Sport with 5+2 seating Meh. It seems to lack soul. More Explorer-like that I'd like.
  20. Quijote

    Most fun I've had driving int he snow in a while

    The LR4 (with Nokian R2 SUV's) is just ridiculous. Goes up steep slippery hills that stranded many cars without even turning on the traction control. Clears (more like flattens) 1-2' snowbanks with no drama. Hit the gas from a stop over 8-10" areas left by snow plows and after a second of some...
  21. Quijote

    Have you guys heard of Travall?

    They have a bunch of accessories.
  22. Quijote

    Slider install - Question

    I'm trying to install my voyager sliders and I have a question: Are you supposed to remove the yellow snaps that held the plastic side moulding? I can't get them off without breaking them. Thanks! I'm stuck waiting for my brother or dad because these damn things are too heave for me to...
  23. Quijote

    Installed a few accessories - tow question

    Sorry pictures will follow tonight. I installed the 2nd row seat covers and they are very nice. Didn't take that long either. Maybe 15-20 minutes. I also put in the hitch, and all the mats. Easy stuff. Installed the tow hitch electrics. Straightforward job. Maybe 30-45 minutes. The most...
  24. Quijote

    Can't seem to be able to program homelink

    I've never failed at this. I am stunned. All other cars are easy. The LR4 won't program. I hit the learn button on the opener, and then, following instructions, press & hold fro 2 secs, then release and repeat 3 times all within 30 secs of hitting the learn button. No dice. Cleared the old...
  25. Quijote

    Bought a few accessories

    I got: -Tow hitch (I picked up one of those ebay ones for $360 shipped). -Tow harness -G4 ladder -Rubber mats -Rubber cargo mat -Almond 2nd-row waterproof seat cover -Voyager rack sliders with step I wanted a few more things, but I'll have to wait until spring. What I do want soon (before...

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