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  1. jruvira

    Discovery 5 Air Suspension

    Ok so I turned on car left window open selected the height it lite up but nothing happened, it was lite the whole time. I did it again and now all I get is a chime won’t lite up just chime. Hey bro I really appreciate your assistance if I didn't mention it before.
  2. jruvira

    Discovery 5 Air Suspension

    Well today I selected the height to increase and went to the back where the compressor is at and heard a small hissing sound like similar to an air leak would sound. Nono always had one door open, I will do it again with door closed.
  3. jruvira

    Discovery 5 Air Suspension

    Yea I did that and no compressor is starting and the hight button just make a dinging noise and does not go up....I was curious cause checking fuses and relays is super easy to do. I saw the video that was posted on replacing the compressor it looks super easy. Here in Miami that work would cost...
  4. jruvira

    Discovery 5 Air Suspension

    Hey guys I know this is an older post but I had some questions. I have a 2019 Discovery 5 All of a sudden I got the Suspension Fail message, will maintain driving hight only. So I decided to search and found your message board. I have read all the discussions and got acquainted with the issue...

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