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    Chip in windshield

    Have a 2016 LR4. Got a chip in the windsheild about 1/2 inch big. Can I just get the chip fixed or will it bother the electric grid (heated windshield)? Thanks, Ray
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    2016 Auxiliary water pump

    Should I have them replace the regular waterpump and crossover pipes? Anyway?
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    2016 Auxiliary water pump

    2016 LR$, 35,000 miles. As I pulled into a parking lot my "low coolant light" came on. When I stepped out water was pouring out the front. Shut the engine off. Dealer has it and said it was the auxiliary water pump. Haven't found anyone else with that issue. Am I missing something? Thanks, Ray`
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    1-Yr Check-in and Trouble Code Rant

    Love your adventures! Anybody hear anything on the parts for the recall will be available?
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    Pray tell what kind of warranty do you have that's still in effect? I bought a 2016 with a CPO warranty and it expired last fall, one of the last ones according to the dealer.
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    PCV Valve Replacement

    Good write up. Thank you. Ray
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    Pensacola, FL Mechanic Needed

    Any one know of anyone?
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    Ultimate Towing Thread

    I'd like to follow that along.
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    Engine troubles - 3.0L SC V6 - possible multiple-injector failure

    Thanks for sharing. I've got a 2016 LR4 (3rd lr) and I like keeping up on the trials and tribulations...
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    The XLifter EAS Controller

    Very nice. And a great write up also. Thanks, Ray
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    Thoughts and experiences from recent road trip

    I get a surge or stutter on my '16 in that RPM range. Really feel it thru the steering wheel. Do you think that's whats causing mine? Ray

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