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    Shifter Knob Won't Budge

    There’s a solenoid in the shifter assembly that has probably failed or gotten stuck. I flipped a highlander that once repairs were done, the solenoid was stuck due a long past drink spill or something. the short of it is you should hear the solenoid click under the knob when you press the brake.
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    FS: IID BT, LR4 oem all weather floor mats, weathertec cargo mat, cargo cover and sun shades

    Pics of the wheels, there is a bit of history on them, some had some curb rash/rock rash that was smoothed down but not repaired on the lip of a few wheels. One is fine, one has one ding in the lip, one has some minor rash, the fourth has moderate rash, and one had pretty bad gouges in it. The...
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    FS: IID BT, LR4 oem all weather floor mats, weathertec cargo mat, cargo cover and sun shades

    GAP tool is sold, still have the other items for sale. I also have a set of 5 lr3 18” wheels powdercoated in prismatic powders evo Gray and a set of terrafirma 30mm wheel spacers.
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    FS: IID BT, LR4 oem all weather floor mats, weathertec cargo mat, cargo cover and sun shades

    I sold the LR4 so I have a few accessories to sell that I took out before letting her go. IID BT tool. Registered to my truck so would need to be transferred to you by Gap diagnostic for $34 - $450 shipped in original box LR3/LR4 first and second row all weather mats - $150 plus shipping...
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    '13 LR4 Pending Purchase

    Like others have said the 13s got the updated timing chain guides/tensioner but you still have to be careful and change the oil between 5-7.5k miles to slow the wear. Also at that age if they haven’t been done you want to preventatively replace all the plastic coolant pipes. If they let go...
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    LR4 Calipers

    if warranty will pay for them i'd get them done. If i were doing the work myself i'd unstick them, grease the pins and replace the rubber boots and hardware. If the pins are really bad, i'd replace them with new and grease them along with the new boots, etc. i realize nowadays a lot of...
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    Yay! I get to replace the rear diff pinion seal

    pinion seal leaks tend to throw a fine mist of fluid everywhere, which will lead you to think its a big leak when they usually aren't. If it isn't leaking badly enough to drip off of things onto the ground, you're likely in the clear as far as fluid level. I'm not sure if the gear mesh is set...
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    Winch recommendations for ARB deluxe bumper

    where are you having trouble? You may need to clock either the motor or clutch or both to make it fit how you want in the bumper. From the factory they usually come set up for a “feet down” install so need some adjustment for a “feet forward” install.
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    Well crap!

    but the v6 has offset crank pins so the firing events still happen every 120 degrees Like they would in a 60 degree v6 but it’s still not naturally balanced
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    Well crap!

    All v6 are inherently less smooth than an inline 6 cylinder would be, or a v8 due to the optimal V angle being 120 degrees, whereas most v6 are 60 degrees due to packaging reasons. that said, i feel like the scv6 is pretty smooth and quiet aside from the typical sound of the direct injection...
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    SCV6 - Muffler or Resonator Removal

    as far as I know, nobody makes an exhaust for the LR4 scv6, but there are a few companies that have options for the RR sport and RR velar, plus also some exhaust options on the jaguar f-type which uses the same engine.
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    Black Rhino Arsenol 18” Wheels

    I'm still running the bridgestone highway tires on 20" wheels that came with the truck, and they have been surprisingly capable off road, and even still riding nice on the air suspension without airing down so as to not risk the already small sidewall. I have a set of lr3 18s ready to go once I...
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    Exhaust opinion?

    that isn't a great setup as it doesn't bridge the two cylinder banks so you'll lose scavenging and low end torque like that. It also makes it sound more blatty and less smooth that way. It needs an X-pipe or H-pipe probably just before the mufflers.
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    on my old Xterra, i had a fumoto drain valve. I bet if you got creative, you could rig up the mityvac to connect to the drain valve, open the valve, and suck the oil out. If you can get the filter out without pulling the skid you'd be set. Maybe a remote filter mount?
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    driveshaft / prop shaft greasing.

    They most likely are, as nearly all oem u-joints have been sealed non-greaseable for a while now. The OEMs don't want to add the greasing to the maintenance schedule because it adds to cost of ownership, and unless you're doing water crossings you don't have to worry about them going bad for a...
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    5.0 supercharged into an LR4?

    i wonder if it would just be easier to reflash the bcm to expect a RRS supercharged engine computer, and just use a RRS ecu and engine harness. we know everything "should" bolt up but in the end it could be more trouble than its worth. I would love to see it though, good luck!
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    LR4 ARB Rear Locker is possible!

    I wouldn't worry about the CVs as long as you're not going crazy. I was out on the trails yesterday with the factory locker doing two and three wheel climbs with ease. the independent suspension means the truck will lift wheels a lot so LR had to know that the CVs were stout enough to handle...
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    what’s the fastest you’ve gone in your LR4

    been up to 100, always wondered about the 121mph top speed, as it definitely cruises at 80mph fairly easy. Fastest i've been was around 155 in my old mazdaspeed3. back when 300hp was still a big deal.
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    How to find out which tpms?

    Getting ready to order tires and make the switch to 18s, were these the ones, and did you have any issues with them working correctly?
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    LR4 whining noise turned into a loud clicking noise now

    That’s very similar to the sound mine made before the idler pulley locked up and snapped the serpentine belt. When the bearing starts to go it makes a bunch of heat and then finally locks up and spins inside the plastic pulley until it locks up completely. I thought it was the supercharger...
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    LR4 SCV6 Engine noise (and Fan problems)

    Looks like the fan clutch has let go, the rattling sound could be the supercharger coupler but would be unrelated to the codes you’ve been getting. The couplers usually start making noise around 75k miles.
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    Would like to confirm a few details on 2015 SCV6 maintenance

    parts are mostly the same as on the 5.0 minus the supercharger cooling pipes
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    Low Battery: Start Engine - Battery fine...Alternator working great

    I can tell you I’ve seen a battery read 13.2v, then not be able to turn the motor over, drop to 10v and climb back up to 13.2v again. Batteries have many different failure modes so saying xx.xV means the battery is good or bad is too simplistic, and a load test is the only way to know if the...
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    Low Battery: Start Engine - Battery fine...Alternator working great

    This is not necessarily accurate. I've seen batteries that could hardly light the brake lights show 13+ volts with the engine off. Your alternator charging at 14.75 with the truck running seems to imply that it thinks the battery charge state is low. I would get the battery tested at your...

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