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May 18, 2021
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Georgia US
First post here I for some reason bought a non running 03 Range Rover on whim. You could turn the key till the dash lights came on but it would never engage the starter. I tried replacing relays etc and reset all the immo stuff on the computers with my diagnostic tool but it wouldn’t start. Then a guy posted he had an 04 that was almost identical to mine that ran but “had a small oil leak” it only had 110k miles so I bought it and used it to trouble shoot the 03 and figured out it was the transmission controller that was bad. Evidently when it goes bad it will not engage the starter. I got it running decent now I just have to fix the tension pulley. I started working on the 04 yesterday and I haven’t started it since I bought it because I knew it was low on oil so I did an oil change on it and the oil had a silver color to it from heavy metal contamination and now I have a terrible knock sound coming out of the motor that is on about a 5 second loop. I wrote the guy that ******* me and he said someone told him it needed timing work done but in my years of mechanicing I have never heard anything to do with a timing chain sound like a broken rod. Anyone had the same issue or got any pointers? I think I’m about to have to pull the motor

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