2006 RRS whining noise at idle.

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by Geoff Kirkpatrick, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Hello All,
    on a wet and cold morning i started my RRS and as it warmed up developed a mid range whining noise from what seems like the back of the engine/bell area. screw driver trick does not seem to help. unable to determine the location. sound alters with engine speed and pretty much goes away or inaudible as the speed increases. She's a California car imported to canada with a reasonable service history other than no evidence of a trans service. 128k km and does make the odd chirp from the trans upon acceleration at low speed. pump/solenoids? would like to flush trans but worried if i do she will fall apart as stated by a local LR mechanic.
    but back to the noise, three days now with consistent whine, just slightly duller than a power steering pump sound. Quite loud starting but seems to quieten as she warms up.
    Obvious sources:
    alternator, water pump, belts, pulleys etc. my gut tells me it is trans related except for the engine speed and sound pretty much parallel. Torque converter? will be checking trans fluid and any other related items this weekend. makes no difference whether in park or drive with the tone or pitch.

    Love my RR, will never part with it and when she get to old to valet, will become a bush rig.

    any experience with buying used trans for a seemingly reputable firm such as:[​IMG]

    Thank you All for your time and consideration. happy motoring.
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