2007 LR3 - No Acceleration in Drive

Discussion in 'LR3' started by LizE, Sep 5, 2018.

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    Sep 12, 2015
    Hey all.

    So...it's been a minute, and I believe I may need a refresher of what steps to take. I'll break it down as simple as I can.

    Issue: LR3 will not accelerate in drive. Will accelerate manually in sport. Reverse is fine. When placed in drive and gas pedal pushed, sounds as if in neutral.

    Problems corrected:

    1. Brake Light was out. Rear driver side. Replaced.
    2. Right turn signal out. Replaced.

    Things I haven't done (yet):
    1. Unhook the battery.
    2. Replace the doomed brake light switch.
    3. Go to an auto parts store for codes, etc.

    Note - there are no faults on the dash at all. Just the acceleration issue. I recall in the past I had the holy trinity of dash faults come on and all was fixed with a brake light replacement.

    Anything glaring that I should be doing before I take her down to the garage? I'm looking to fix this myself so any help is of great help.

    Thanks much!
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    You should loosen and reset your transmission cable. It, or the linkage attached to it on the transmission itself could need adjustment.

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    Sounds like same problem I finally fixed. D on console is lit, but D on dash display is not. If no D on dash, it's in neutral and engine races but transmission lever is still in Neutral. I found a youtube that explained the symptoms I had, calling it a seized transmission lever bushing. There is a rubber bushing at the bottom of the 2 inch lever that rotates on the cable as the lever travels from gear to gear when moved by the console shifter. Due to wear and tear, it gets gunked up and sticks to the lever and stops functioning, which causes both Park and Drive to misbehave, both at opposite ends of its travel, and where the bushing rotation is needed.

    Put the truck in Park. Find the linkage cable and lever. Remove the first nut and you will see a larger nut that controls the bushing. I sprayed some penetrating oil on it, then took a crescent wrench to it to break the rubber bushing loose. Then tightened things up and problem was fixed. You might just try the penetrating oil and get back in car to shift it thru the gears a few times and see if it breaks loose.

    The lever is in Park when its pointed toward front of car with clockwise rotation and in Drive when its moved counter clockwise toward back of car. Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive.

    I have to say, this sounds easier then it was. I had recently changed the transmission fluid and filter, so the heat shield and bracket were removed by that job, and still sitting in garage. These were a nightmare to remove, due to cramped space, catalytic converter, cross members, and other things in the way. I just yesterday put them back on with similar strain, difficulty, using only two of the four fastening nuts on the heat shield bracket hanger.

    So, it's a horrible job getting to the linkage lever, but the fix was quick.
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