2008 LR2 not cranking, whining noise near alternator, no dash lights

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Mar 6, 2021
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The key will insert fine, the stereo lights up, no lights on dash light up though. When I try to start I hear a clicking near the gear shift and then the whining starts in the engine compartment. Noise seems centrally located around the alternator.

Everything seemed fine, driven 45 minutes to and from work that day. Came back out a little while later and nothing. Out of the blue.

Starter is relatively new, only a couple of years old, I think.

Mechanic friend of mine and I replaced the radiator last week, doubt that’s related but just mentioning that.

Tried jumping with a jumpbox and another car to eliminate battery issue and nothing.

Please help. Towing to shop for probably an expensive repair on Monday and would love to hear of a DIY cheap fix if anybody knows what’s up.

Tried to upload video of issue. Here’s another link to see the problem. LINK