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2009 RRS Supercharged Hatch Issues!

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by Teeo, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Teeo

    Teeo New Member

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    Sep 14, 2020
    Well, looks like I have the dreaded.. lower hatch not quite locked but locked enough that I can't open nor will the upper glass portion. Been scouring the internet for possible solutions to at least getting one or the other open so I can proceed with diagnosing the problem...
    There is no actuator noise at the hatch when I unlock the vehicle, the dash shows rear hatch open. All 4 doors lock and unlock as they should.
    I have printed out a couple of "solutions" to getting the thing open and spent the last two hours in the back on the inside trying to figure this thing out. (I haven't been this confined with my wife in years!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!) I'm getting the feeling that I am downloading information for either the wrong model or years as things on these photos and instructions just aren't working out?? Yes. I am usually very mechanically inclined but I just don't want to start breaking things because I'm not 100 percent certain....
    Is there anybody that can point me to some instructions that pertain to this exact model and year with this problem??
    2009 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

    I will forever be in your debt....thanks in advance!

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