2017 Discovery Sport Issues

Discussion in 'Discovery' started by tomca1710, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I am a long-time LR owner and I leased a 2017 Discovery Sport last year. From the start I had issues. Without going into all of the issues, as some have been addressed, I did have a few questions for the group.

    Are the Sports supposed to:

    Vibrate extensively/shake when both driving and in park?
    Stall when shifting from Reverse to Drive?
    Buck consistently when driving at steady speeds?
    Rev up to 6k RPMs when stepping on the gas and then get stuck there and not move?

    I bring all of these up because my dealer has said these are all expected and normal outcomes from this car. Because they do not show up in diagnostic tests there is nothing they can do. Yet when I get a Disco Sport loaner each time, I don't experience any of these issues.

    I have worked through Land Rover USA and they have said whatever the dealer says is a fact, nothing they can do. If I don't like that outcome, I can contact the Better Business Bureau. Have all of this in writing!

    I figured I would reach out to fellow owners for their perspective and any ideas. Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you need to try and video the issues happening so you can show them the issue. Sadly if it doesn't show up in a scan or on their short 5 minute drive they can't prove it so they can't find the issue. If it happens a lot, offer to let them drive it for the weekend or a week to run errands. Otherwise set up a few cameras in your vehicle showing the shifter and the engine RPM gauge and maybe an outside the windshield perspective. If these are not an option I would suggest taking a loss and trading it off.

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