2nd row seat Squeak Noise

Discussion in 'Discovery' started by Michael 71, May 26, 2016.

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    May 26, 2016
    Discovery Sport 2016 - got in September 2015

    I've looked though many posts about the squeaking noise from the back seat. I've tried them all but for this new re-introduced model there was nothing I can find that would help me cure my anxiety from the constant squeaking noise.

    Highlighted in Yellow - This is the source of my squeaking noise. I applied WD-40 Silicone to the 3 areas and that got rid of the noise.

    Highlighted in Red - Other posts suggest that this is the noise but it was different for me. This noise is rather like rubbing Styrofoam. The squeaking noise that I had was like a creaky old bed, or like the old NYC yellow taxi.


    Hope this helps some of you that have to deal with the squeaking.

    I've also had some other cabin noises that I had to deal with and it was a bit of a nightmare. If you had some plastic rubbing squeaking noise that come from the cargo area, my experience came from the interior panel of the rear hatch. After they first tried to repair it the panel just kept on popping off, and they forgot to first reinstall the latch cover first (they put it back on right after). After about 6 revisits, they were finally able to keep it in place without the noise. (fingers crossed - 2weeks since this post)
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    Feb 21, 2018
    Hi Michael - I'm experiencing the same issue with my 2016 Range Rover Evoque. If I put either side of the 2nd row seats down, the squeak goes away. But if both seats are up, it's an annoying squeaking noise, like an old bed, metal squeaky noise. I was trying to see the "yellow" areas you highlighted that you applied WD-40 to, but I can't see. Is there a way you can post the visuals again?

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