4-Wheel Alignment


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Mar 1, 2021
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Yes. I bought a lifetime alignment from my local Firestone a few years ago for $150, and have gotten 3 or 4 alignments since then. They've all been pretty good, even though I never thought to put it in tight tolerances mode until this time.
I got the same deal. I've done two alignments, and the second one showed that the first one was pretty far off. IDK what changed in the intervening thousand miles or so, but hey...all it cost me was time.

That does beg the question about what was different, though. The second time, I asked the guy to let me put it in tight tolerance mode, and I actually checked the height of each wheel and adjusted them on the lift.


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Nov 7, 2011
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Over the years reading about these newer four wheel independant suspension LR's that they appear to be not that durable even driven street only as on one reply driving in Dallas Texas their potholes knocking LR's out of alignment.
Sure "better footed"being independant, more comfortable ride with the option able to raise and lower your LR.
If going out of alignment without going off road unless having a curb crash on the street issues the replies appear to me that the older solid axle LR's are much stronger, durarble plus they maintain alignments even after being abused off road even going airborne.

Coil springs vs airbag suspensions issues another failing item with coil spring replacements being offered ending that problem from reappearing.
Ball joints not going 150 to 200K trouble free miles.
Sad that all other manufactures are doing the same thing living off their past reputation of producing vehicles that were trouble free and durable, Mercedes up to the late 60's with BMW the late 80's also living off their past history. The cup holder count with more and more expensive electronics added game continues.

"The price you pay to play" I was told by factory trained German mechanics now both retired best summed up what they saw first hand wrenching on 60's to 2010 era vehicles of several brands, LR's included.

Weren't vehicles over the years suppose to go farther between maintenance and parts replacements times over their older vehicles? Seems like they are going backwards instead......~~=o&o>.......

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