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Discussion in 'Discovery' started by RG75, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2018
    Have a 2003 Discovery SE7 front air blows but not hard..Is not enough 2 cool vehicle. .Rear air on at control but nothing no air out..Can't hear come on located rear fan motor I think...Back storage compartment drivers side..checked all fuses I could find under dash and under hood...nothing....Any advice ty for anything
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    Nov 7, 2011
    Just ran across your request, call me late for dinner AGAIN!
    If I were you i'd go to several LR dealership's parts departments and ask about the location of that rear AC fan unit.
    They have parts manuals which would have the fan's location.
    Second advice idea is to get a factory service repair manual for your year and model LR as it will have instructions on many repair procedures. Granted several times it will mention, "USE TEST PROCEDURE XYZ-234-904" as example which the factory trained mechanics know about for a given repair operation which may also require a "LR TOOL NUMBER R2D2 TO DISASSEMBLE". Both above examples us LR owners haven't a clue working without these LR "BY THE BOOK PROCEDURES".
    Approximately every six to eight months LR dealership's parts departments receive updated parts manuals with part number changes or other reasons to update. If your lucky as well being at the right time and place at dealerships, (plus know the service manager or service writer and parts man helps, just ask and possibly receive an out dated for them one of these parts manuals, a freebie vs the trash can. That's how I got a parts manual for my 95 D1 plus I purchased a factory repair manual.
    Exploded views of parts plus part numbers can sure save your butt especially if you have the mechanical ability to attack and solve your LR's problems as they might have a few.
    Getting to know your LR intimately and personally will save you a TON OF MONEY owning those two different books.
    PROST, Carl.....~~=o&o>......

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