Airbag deployment complications

Discussion in 'LR3' started by Gnomad, Nov 24, 2018.

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    With a bonus "Copart" aspect to the question.
    I've been searching for a D2 or cheap LR3 as I would like to have my own LR3 that I can modify for trails and add some ham radio and other things that the bride has decreed will not happen to our Winston, which is sensible as our LR3 is a really nice specimen of the breed. During a recent scan through the Copart auction site I found a 2005 LR3 which looks pretty decent except for the deer strike. The air bags deployed (strange, as I hit a deer at speed in my E60 BMW and didn't deploy the SRS) and the headlight is broken, so I know at the least I need airbags and a headlight, available on fleabay and other places for reasonable >$1K. My concern is primarily the airbag deployment. When the pressure sensor in the drivers door failed in my wife's Audi A4 it also disabled the parking brake system which then flashed and annoyed us and concerned her until I replaced the sensor and reset the system using Carista-if you won a VAG product you need that app.

    So, when the airbags deploy and the SRS warning comes on, what else is disabled or restricted for no good reason in a LR3? Will it be drivable at normal speeds? I'm not worried about safety, I wear my seat belt and all, more about the nanny state giving me an extra incentive to fix the system by screwing up other systems. Will the GAP tool reset the SRS?

    My max bid is probably in the neighborhood of $1.5K. It is represented as "runs and drives" but that can mean anything from it'll go coast to coast without issues or that you can drive it onto the trailer or flatbed for the trip home. Some might say "worth it for parts" but I don't need anything. This one is the closest to my house, about a 100 miles away, but I can actually park it at our weekend cabin we own just up the road.

    Or talk sense to me and convince me not to do this ridiculous thing!

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