Alignment for 275/55/20 AT tires

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Jul 8, 2020
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Austin, Texas
Posted this over at, but wondering if I might be able to get some input from folks here. Anybody familiar with alignment issues when upsizing AT tires?:

A few months ago I put on some larger 275/55/20 General Grabber ATX tires. I immediately had the dealership complete an alignment. When the wife picked up the car they gave her absolutely nothing as far as a computer print out for before/after alignment specs. The car was pulling slightly prior to the alignment, and that seemed to have been corrected. I assumed all was good.

I've been driving the car for about 9 months, and I am experiencing pretty loud tire noise from the front axle at speeds below 40mph. It has been like this since day 1 with these ATX tires. I understand that AT tires are never going to ride like radials, but the noise seems excessive. I've tried rotating and rebalancing the tires, but that has not significantly improved the noticable road noise between 20-40mph.

I'm noticing slightly more pronounced interior edge tire wear on the front axle. I've since requested the alignment specs from the dealer, but they have been unable to find anything. I assumed that they would set camber/caster/etc. correctly for the tires on the vehicle. Maybe that was an incorrect assumption?

Does anyone have any information on what the alignment specs should be for slightly wider/larger diameter AT tires? Are alignment specs for larger/wider tires the same as the OEM size?

I figured since LR sells the discovery trek version with similar tires, that the dealership would align these ATX tires properly, but the more experience I have at my dealership, the more I realize they aren't exactly the most competent or diligent shop around, and effective communication between the shop, the service advisors, and the customer seems to always be lacking.


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Feb 10, 2019
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Las Vegas, NV
I've had no wheel alignment or tire wear anomalies since replacing the stock tires and 20" x 8.5" stock wheels (including the spare) with 285/50-20 Nitto Terra Grappler G2s mounted on 20" x 9.5" Redbourne wheels (and then, of course, getting an alignment at the dealer). Land Rover Las Vegas is the best dealership I've ever done business with but since it's probably not feasible for you to come here you should consider getting a realignment at the Land Rover dealership in San Antonio or Houston.

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