BFG A/T Tire Whirl w/Image


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Aug 23, 2021
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Charleston, SC
First time poster, long time listener. I had new 275/55r20 BFG A/T KOs installed on my Defender X SE last week and am experiencing a loud left front tire, which grows louder at 20 mph and louder when braking.

For background, I installed the 1.5" PR lift rods before I installed the tires, then removed the lift once I returned back home from the installation. The next day, I returned to the tire shop, who reviewed the tires and even swapped the spare in for the left front tire to ensure it wasn't the tires. Not a balancing issue.

My local mechanic didn't have the tools to complete an alignment, however told me that he noticed a dry spot on the front left rotor, which could be causing the tire "whirl" noise. My next step is the LR stealership, who is 3 weeks out from the next available appointment..

Anyone out there experience anything similar? Thoughts? Appreciate your feedback and excited about the forum.