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Dec 6, 2016
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I'm looking for some advice before driving some hundred miles to look at a 2000 Freelander Di, Iv'e been offered for very little money...
The car has been deregistered for about a year and the guy is selling it for his mother-in-law, so he doesn't know much about it. I don't know about the in-laws health or mental capabilities, if she would be able to answer any questions about the car.
On photos it looks quite all right, underneath it seems to be rust free (has had some work done for MOT 2 years ago) and the prop shaft and vcu looks fairly new to me.
Engine is the L-Series, has done 125k miles, looks clean and the only known issue is some power steering fluid leak, probably from a hose or (as I read somewhere else) the reservoir.
It hasn't been driven for about a year, battery was empty and id wouldn't start with jumper cables, I suspect air in the fuel system or fault in the start inhibitor, because it has been standing without electricity for some time now.
I've been reading about common faults, like vcu, tailgate window and stuff, but don't know much more about these cars. I have had a Range Rover P38 DSE some years ago, with my share of problems related to that model, so I'm not completely ignorant about what I'm going into with a older Land Rover.
My problem is, that I need a car to get to work (not necessarily everyday, i can borrow my better half's at times), but prices for cheap, older used cars have gone through the roof here in Denmark in the past year. So a fairly ok Freelander for 200£ would be nice (other cars, that aren't scrab are sold for 1.500£ nowadays). The problem is to get it home. I can rent a trailer, but I'm having trouble to find a car, that is allowed to tow it, I could borrow. So I hope to get it started and drive it home on its wheels on temporary plates.
I have read that I should go after the TD4 engine (is traded for ten times the price of this car), but on the other hand, I haven't read that the L-Series diesel should be notoriously unreliable, if treated well.
Any advice how to go on with this? Ideas how to get it running? I know, it's har to give any tips, without more infos, but as I said, I would like to be just a little bit prepared, before driving hundrets of miles to look at a car model, I don't know anything about


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Jun 28, 2004
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Sorry, I have been out this week on vacation. If a petrol engine do not even waste your time looking at it. The petrol engine is garbage, junk, trash.

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