CEL: P0261 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low - Time for Injector Job?

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Jan 26, 2017
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Longtime lurker here; 2016 LR4 Landmark SCV6 HD package - 52k miles.

All warranty and subsequent scheduled PM have been performed at Land Rover dealer. Power steering pump and rack done. Rear cross over pipe done. Scheduled 10k maintenance done at dealer.

There was a leak from the drivers side valve cover gasket about 2-3k miles ago. Symptom was a steam / smoke coming out of the drivers side wheel well when cold out. Thats all been taken care of. Only other issue is a small pump sound seems to go off randomly - I think it is the air suspension compressor, but not sure at all. Seems liek the left side of engine near the rear.

The truck developed a sudden shaking when started while warm in driveway. CEL came on. Turned car off and restarted it and shaking was gone.
I pulled this code from an Autolink Scanner and the Gap tool reads same code.

Code P0261 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low.

I cant recall any other symptoms other than a dieseling sound on accelerating up a hill a few times over past 12 months. Never any acceleration problems. Parked the truck a for a few days to investigate here and other forums. I added some sea foam injector cleaner, restarted and it ran smooth, idled it for about 10 mins. Light was gone. Stopped and restarted and started shaking again when warm and same code.

Off the bat here with the shaking it seems that this is a bigger deal than some codes and and I am thinking the injectors probably need replacing, but hoping this could be electrical and maybe a simpler fix. It seems that injectors a standard PM type repair on these vehicles but the mileage seems low to me. The diesel injectors on land cruisers are all I have experience with and they are generally good for 250k miles.

I found this post, but wondering if anyone else has don an injector job themselves? Dealer was throwing out random numbers like $1300/injector which adds up to a ridiculous sum.
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'11 LR4 HSE LUX 5.0L V8
Oct 26, 2015
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Injectors typically go bad when they are clogged up and overworks itself to death. If you have the Gap IID Tool, check the pulse width live values for each injector. You'll quickly find which ones are "off". Glad you found my post, it's not that hard to replace if you have the right tools and patience.

Carbon build up is another reason why your truck can shake like that. Direct Injection engines are notorious for carbon build up in the intake valves. Walnut blasting would be the way to go and then semi-annual or annual BG44K would do it. Speaking of which, I need to walnut blast mine since the post 3 years ago.

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