Crank no start no crank signal with scan tool

Discussion in 'Freelander Forum' started by Brandon Fritton, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Aug 9, 2017
    Hello there Fine people of the group. Ok well I'm going to keep kicking this dead horse. I've read many post on the 04 Freelandrs with a crank no start issue but haven't really seen where any one has come up with a diagnosis yet. I have an 04 Freelander with a crank no start issue. It started right after I got it where we would drive it to a location and it would sit for about an hour and when we came back it would crank but no start. Fought that issue for a while until I got a scanner I could read data with on the Land Rover and during one of its spells where it would crank and no start I found that there was no crank signal. So I replaced the crank sensor and for a few months the issue seemed to be gone. Now a few months ago we drove it did our running around with no issues we come home go back out to leave in it again and again crank no start. Borrowed the scanner again to check data and found that there is no crank sensor signal. I bought a brand new crank sensor and replaced it again but there still is no crank sensor signsl on the scan tool. Engine cranks and sounds normal so I don't think I have a timing belt jump issue. I do have a complete parts vehicle that I robbed the ECM out of to try as well and still no crank sensor signal. Would you have any idea where I should go from here? I also have checked for battery voltage and ground at sensor and both are good. The only thing i wasn't able to check was wave form out of the sensor because the scanner I had did not have the capability.

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