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Discussion in 'Discovery' started by MTB1203, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Sep 10, 2018
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    Pretty vague question here is guess but what is the general opinion on owning a Discovery 2? Im wanting a vehicle to take camping and do some light to moderate offroading in and I like the capabilities of the Land Rover, I own a Silverado Z71 and my initial plan was to add some mods and make that my get out and do stuff truck but its big and expensive to mod and not going to be a ton of fun offroad. From my research the D2 is readily available and can range from $2k-$20k depending on milage and condition. SO, are they as much fun as they seem to be or are the headaches I read about more trouble than its worth? Thanks in advance for any feed back.
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    If you get a well sorted D2 they can be very reliable and fun off road. No matter what vehicle you choose to off road with always make sure you either have another vehicle with you or tow straps and winches as well as other self recovery gear.

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