Defender 110 2004 problems with central locking

Nicci N

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Oct 8, 2020
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We have been experiencing problems with the central locking of our Defender 110 2003-4. The keyless entry system sometimes doesn't work. We have replaced the battery (many times) and that doesn't seem to have an effect. It randomly works and doesn't work.

Today I left the car unlocked for a prolonged period of time as I was worried about not being able to unlock it. I drove it home but once home, the car would not lock with the central locking button. I left the car for awhile and when I returned the engine immobiliser light was on and now I am scared to open the doors in case I set off the alarm (which is super loud and very difficult to stop).

Last time I had to disconnect the battery to get the alarm to stop sounding off. Does anyone know what to do when the engine immobiliser light is on and the central locking is not working? My manual is inside the car and if I open the door I'm pretty sure the alarm will go off and I won't be able to stop it without disconnecting the battery.

Any help would be wonderful.