Disco II air conditioner fault codes

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    Hello all from a forum newbie!
    I searched the forum to see if I can piggy back on someone else's Disco II posts about air conditioner fault codes. I couldn't find any so I'm posting here for future reference to help others.

    I completed the air con diagnostics check on my 2001 Disco SE by following these steps from this video Land Rover Discovery II A/C Diagnostics :

    1 - Turn ignition OFF.
    2 - On the climate control panel, press and hold both AUTO and Air Distribution buttons.
    3 - While holding these buttons down, switch ignition ON to position 2.
    4 - Keep holding the buttons for 4-5 beeps and let go. The fault code (FC) results will be shown on the right side of the screen.

    After doing this check I had two fault codes that popped up on the screen; 21 & 22. :mad:
    I did a Google search and found a list of the fault code descriptions:

    00 - no faults
    11 - in car temp sensor fault
    12 - ambient sensor fault
    13 - thermistor fault
    14 - heater coolant sensor fault
    *21 - left sunlight sensor fault - open or shorted
    *22 - right sunlight sensor fault - open or shorted
    31 - left servo motor
    32 - right servo motor
    33 - distribution servo motor

    I did another Google search about the 21 & 22 errors and found the answer on an Australian LR forum. Someone stated that you will get fault codes 21 & 22 if you don't do the test in direct sunlight. It made sense since I did the diagnostics check in darkness of my garage. :stupid:
    After reading this, I pulled my Disco out of the garage, let it sit in the Georgia sun for an hour, redid the check and BAM! I got the no fault code of 00! :proud:

    I hope this helps others! Cheers!

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