Discovery II OEM Dog barrier and install kit variations

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    Short story:

    I'd like to find out the LR part number for the two different bar type dog barriers and the two different
    install kit variation part numbers.

    Long version:

    I've been meaning to sell my dog barrier out of my 1999 Disco II since we traded it in in 2010. I finally put it up on Craigslist and the first few folks that wanted it asked if I had the install kit. I don't but decided to find one since it seemed to be holding up the sale. I sent a picture of it to a dealership I happened to be dealing with at the time and he found what he said was the only one in stock in their system.

    Here is the picture of my dog barrier that I sent. Note the pins. I don't know the part number for this
    style dog barrier.


    The kit that came looks like this and has part number STC50231 and from what I remember looks just
    like the parts that I had in my Disco.


    I told the last guy that wanted it that I would just charge for the added cost of the kit just so I could get the thing out of my garage. He told me that it was the wrong kit. This lead me down a long search through forums and images etc. There are two barrier types. One with pins like mine and another that has closed loops at the bottom that accept knobs to screw down the lower section and arms that secure the upper. I don't know which is the newer type but considering mine came from the first year it makes sense mine is the older of the two.

    It seems several people have mixed one dog barrier type with the wrong style kit but I was never able to find a thread where the two correct ones were combined. The only thing I could find that supported my feeling that the above two belonged together was this barrier and kit for sale. This is what I suppose is the newer type and kit has the arms added as you can see in the picture.


    It looks from this image the part number (for the guard) is: STC50082AAP1 but I'm not sure if that's
    LR's part number or Rimmer Bros.

    So based on that image, the kits look almost identical with the difference being how the barrier itself is attached. Here is how mine attached. The images are pulled from the install directions.


    Basically it looks like the newer add on pins take the place of the built in pins. My guess is the newer one is more secure due to the screws and has less of a lean based on the angle of the added pins as mine would have to tilt back in order to drop the pins into the slots.

    Does anyone have the different part numbers or newer images that show both installed?

    That's a lot of work to get rid of something on Ebay, but I'm really liked this dog guard and maybe it'll help someone else that has one lying around or needs one.

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