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FS: IID BT, LR4 oem all weather floor mats, weathertec cargo mat, cargo cover and sun shades

Discussion in 'Selling!' started by Strizzo, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Strizzo

    Strizzo Full Access Member

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    Nov 24, 2019
    I sold the LR4 so I have a few accessories to sell that I took out before letting her go.

    IID BT tool. Registered to my truck so would need to be transferred to you by Gap diagnostic for $34
    - $450 shipped in original box

    LR3/LR4 first and second row all weather mats - $150 plus shipping

    Weathertec cargo mat for LR3/LR4
    $90 plus shipping

    LR3/LR4 oem retractable cargo cover
    $150 plus shipping

    LR3/LR4 oem windshield sun shade. I have two of these, one has the original storage case, one is just the shade.

    - $60 plus shipping with the case, $50 plus shipping without the case

    all prices OBO, make offer and also available for pickup in Houston, Tx

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