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    Jul 29, 2018
    Hello I’m new here but in desperate need of advice.
    Have a 2016 66 plate Range Rover Vogue se.
    So far to date this vehicle has spent over 125 days since owning from new in Landrover dealerships. Endless amounts of issues here’s just a few
    Panoramic roof replaced
    Calibration of the boot a few times
    Baffles inserted in the fuel tank
    Flush out of gear box
    Paint/lacquer peeling away from front bumper
    X 4 service lights on way before actually being due a service
    Brand new engine replacement
    The list is endless.
    Collected vehicle Tuesday 24th July Saturday 28th July head out with the family and message appears on dash restricted lost power and was making the most horrendous noise as well as smoking and a discusting smell was coming from it.
    Called Landrover assistance who sent the AA and surprise surprise it’s was recovered 23.50pm Saturday 28th July.
    I’ve had enough.Im paying good money for a decent car ( so we thought ) and the garages see it more then us.
    We have contacted everyone in Landrover we possibly could and have pleaded they swap the vehicle for one that is fit for purpose but we constantly get told vehicle is fixed and there’s nothing more they can do.
    Has anyone else had this amount of issues.
    We are due to go on holiday 9th August for 3 weeks with the vehicle and a large caravan but the vehicle can’t last a week from coming out of garage to going back in .
    Please advice we are extremely un happy and need help pllleeeaaassseee.
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    Jun 28, 2004
    Sorry to hear about your issues Rebecca, I am not sure of the legal laws in the UK, but here in the USA we would Lemon Law the rover and have them buy it back. You are sadly dealing with what appears to be a very poorly built rover.
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    May 4, 2015
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    In the UK I believe they have the option to "reject" the car (rescission), but I am not sure about a 2016 at this point, I think there is a limited timeframe to attempt this.

    Honestly, your best bet is probably to use your anguish and service history with the dealer to plea for a very good deal on trading it on for a different vehicle. There likely is no legal recourse that would cost less money in the end, plus you can have the piece of mind of a different vehicle for your trip. The likelihood of owning two cars with that many issues is vey low.

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