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Discussion in 'Discovery 5' started by jptruck, Oct 2, 2019.

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    So, the new Discovery is running great and everything seems OK, but the surrounding software is as buggy as the Florida turnpike. The on-board nav/radio headset is screwy out of the box, but the InControl app takes the cake:

    I do use my app to turn on my car on hot days and make sure the doors are locked at night. Last week, the app unceremoniously dumped by PIN code. One day it worked, the next it didn't. I try to re-set, no luck. So, I try to log out/log back into the system, but now it's forgotten my password. So, I ask the system to re-set my password. No email is sent...ever.

    Finally, I call. Someone answered, thankfully. She tries re-sending me a password re-set...nada. So, on hold we go. When she comes back on, there's apparently an issue with using Yahoo email addresses. The system won't send confirmation or re-set emails to Yahoo.

    OK, let's change it then. So, I give them my business email address which is gmail on my own domain. They reject that one. It has to be a dedicated [email protected] address.

    I luckily have one. She changes it, and it works fine now. From the WTF moments of owning a Rover, this is a trivial one, but comical, nonetheless.
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