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Eric Roy

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Aug 31, 2020
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Miami, FL
UPDATE: LAND ROVER DOES NOT STAND BY THEIR VEHICLES OR THEIR CUSTOMERS. DO NOT PURCHASE A LAND ROVER VEHICLE. This is not something I wish to do however I have been left no choice but to be public about this issue. I purchased a 2014 Range Rover Supercharged three years ago as a CPO vehicle from Land Rover Fort Lauderdale my second Land Rover vehicle from them. All maintenance has been performed at this dealership since purchase to the tune of $36,000 so any work performed and inspections done was by this authorized dealer. My CPO warranty has expired as of mid August and I brought my vehicle in for an issue with the tire pressure system, a tailgate issue, 80k service, tires, and any warranty issues that could be tackled in July prior to my warranty expiration. This minor service took four weeks to complete. As soon I drove it off the lot the Tire Pressure system faulted again so I contacted the dealership and they recommended I monitor it for damage and call or bring the vehicle in. Since I was without a vehicle for the month prior due to service I needed my vehicle as I was moving and to busy. About two weeks later my tires had lost no pressure and I scheduled to bring the vehicle back in to have this tire system addressed. That morning my rear seats would not move, my cameras were not working and the Audio system was acting strange. I mentioned this when I brought it in and immediately the service rep felt under my rear floor mat and said my vehicle had taken on water. My vehicle has been garage parked for the past three years except these few weeks while moving or when away from home and was left with all windows and doors closed and locked when outside. I left the truck with them incredulous to that claim however they contacted me two days later to confirm a sunroof drain had corroded causing water from rain to flood my interior electronics compartment causing $25,000 of damage to the electronics rending the vehicle unsafe to drive basically totaled and not covered under warranty. Since this I had tried every avenue to get this addressed by Land Rover as Land Rover employees had told me this should absolutely be covered. I had contacted Land Rover corporate via phone and had a case manager contact me a week later who gave me a case number and whom also told me it should be covered and he would get back to me within 48 hours. Now two weeks later I have not received any answers or updates and cannot contact this case manager in spite of my multiple emails and voice mails to him. At this point my vehicle has been out of commission since late July and held hostage by Land Rover. I finally received official word last week that Land Rover does not consider me to be a valuable customer and they will not stand behind their vehicles leaving me a multi vehicle Land Rover customer with a 6 year old vehicle that they will not support or cover. This is the singular worst experience I have ever had with any manufacturer let alone a car manufacturer. I am now left with a worthless vehicle and discarded as a customer. Instead of making it right they have made an vocal critic for life.

LB Bill

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Jul 24, 2019
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they contacted me two days later to confirm a sunroof drain had corroded causing water from rain to flood my interior

If you've done, or you do, some research, you will discover that the problem is chronic (maybe endemic is a better word) to LR vehicles with sunroofs and that JLR is well aware of it. There are even some recommended maintenance procedures out there in order to avoid the problems...supposedly. But after spending "$36K" over the years to have the 'stealer-ship' maintain your CPO truck, I would sure ask *demand* to know why this wasn't checked (the drains) and maintained???
Perhaps think about your next stop (or call) being your attorney's office for a quick chat?


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Apr 7, 2020
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While I understand that such expensive cars should come with good customer service, I am left with a few questions...

what maintenance was done for $36k over 3 years?! You had a warranty, and you specifically say what has been $12k/year to upkeep that was not warrantied? maintance has schedule dintervals with set wear and tear items to replace. none of these services cost that much.

If you knew your warranty expired in August, why didnt you have the repairs that you knew of in July done at that time? Warranty repair cannot be denied if the initial claim is started prior to expiration.

Regardless of what caused the problem (leaking sunroof in your case) it should be covered under warranty since under no circumstances, should water be infiltrating your car.
with that said, you didn't document the problem(s) until after warranty expired, which is most likely why the dealer is trying to wash their hands of it.

Land Rover should step up since this is a grey area situation, and Im sure they would have if this was a factory/original warranty. Ill assume they see a 7 year old car, well beyond its orignal warranty and not worth the money to repair as a goodwill gesture since there is no reimbursement.

Honestly, i see a bigger problem of you being ripped off by year dealer for the past 3 years of ownership.

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