Looking to buy a LR4 2013 or 2014

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    Sep 8, 2018
    Sorry, but I would like your valued opinion I'm on the fence of buying a LR4 but I came across this 2013 LR4, prior CPO vehicle with I think 6 months left on the warranty. I has had the LCA bushing and water pump replaced.

    It's priced at #31,552 with 56,576 miles from landrovernewportbeach.com

    I was warding what other items will need to be replace over the new five years. I will have at least 125K mile at that thing and plan on keeping the LR4 until 2024. I heard that I should plan on spending at least $2500 a year on repairs. would extending the warranty be a better option? I also saw this 2014 LR4 at carmax, I was told to expect to spend at least 5K on a warranty form them. Darn, I don't remember how long the warrant would last.

    I guess it all comes down to expectations. I'll also search for buying guides here as well. Has anyone put together a check list of items to use when buying and basling a used LR4?

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