Lower control arms need replaced ... damsel in distress


Nov 6, 2019
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Hey all - you are my most trusted source of info and I would really appreciate any assistance with my first sizable repair.

I have a 2014 lr4 hse lux w 62k on it. 4 new tires, probably 5K-7K miles on them - front wearing unevenly. Took in for alignment, nope, LCAs are moving about 2 inches, need replaced. Stopped by shop up the road where I know owner & mngr well but have never done biz with - same thing - “Youve got a lot of movement, can’t you feel that?!” (Uhh.. sure lol) and “you’re our favorite bartender” discount quote for L/S & R/S parts/labor/tax just over 1k

I’m see a lot of u r mechanically inclined DIYrs - but not for this chick.
But if you’re in eastern Iowa, Southwest Wisconsin or eastern Illinois .. lmk I’ll come to u and pay!

So I need your faithful guidance on a few questions:
1. Is smartest & most cost effective option to buy Atlantic British and have a mechanic install? And to what extent?
A) just replace the whole arm assembly? Which means a new ball joints on said arms?
B) remove old arms and replace with stock bushings?
C) remove old arms and replace with polybush?

**unless you’re located in any of locations above, have done this and are quarantine bored, lmk**

2. Is any mechanic okay to install?
- 1 local mechanic that’s a rover expert whos been the sole person to service my vehicle (besides original dealer from prior owner) but I don’t know for sure if he’ll install parts I buy.
- The mechanic who serviced (and last year purchased) my 2016 yukon said he will install them for me if I buy direct with no warranty. (which i assume is standard protocol? no different than if i met a complete stranger from a public forum and had him/her do it?)​

3. If “yukon mechanic” is perfectly fine, what bushing do I go with? Atlantic version of: OE Rubber? Poly green? Poly Blue?
- i have a feeling the answer will be based off preference so my only comparison is my bf has a 2016.5 lr4 hse silver edition and the thing drives so much tighter than mine and I love it. I don’t notice much “road” feeling when I drive (but i dont even noticing the supposed clunk from LCAs moving so IDK) it just feels powerful and stops and turns on a dime (He has about same mileage as me and I don’t believe he’s replaced his) - I want that if its possible :)
- if its helpful: I don’t have heavy duty package, I don’t off-road and It’s never towed and dont intend to.. I live in Iowa where it’s nothing but hills, snow and salt min 4 months of the year and *** holes galore for the remainder.​

THANK YOU KINDLY FOR YOUR HELP. I cannot tell you how much i appreciate it.

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