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Nov 8, 2021
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Indianapolis, IN
Hello Everyone!

My name is Jake and I was wondering if you guys could provide me with some base information and see if you guys could answer some questions for me about my 2010 Range Rover Sport.
Firstly, Does anyone know where I find a car manual?
Secondly I'd like any advice on proper maintenance and things to look out for on the '10 RRS. It currently is sitting at roughly 72,000 miles and I'd like to keep it running for much longer.
I recently purchased the vehicle and shortly after such, the radio began to turn off/on and has since gone completely black. I replaced the nav screen just in case that was it but no luck. when I went to purchase the vehicle, the previous owner said he had fixed it by replacing some of the fuses. after it went back out I had a dealership check the fuses again and they were all good.
I am a first time owner of an RRS and I love the vehicle, the radio however is giving me a bit of stress.
If you have any other resources or an online manual I could refer to that would be great!




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May 7, 2018
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#1, Check online for a download-able version, or eBay for a nice used one?
#2, Your vehicle is getting to the age where you should be considering swapping fluids in your differentials, transfer case, and transmission. The first two are very easy DIY jobs, the transmission fluid/pan swap can be done relatively easily if you buy the conversion kit with the separate pan/filter. Consider brake fluid and coolant at some point too. Frequent fluid changes are very important on any vehicle, but especially these heavy trucks that see a lot of powertrain stress. You're also getting close to the age where rubber bushings and plastic components may start failing. Just keep up on maintenance and don't put things off too long or you'll find yourself with some hefty and unnecessary bills.

My best advice to any new LR/RR owner is this; find a trustworthy Indy shop that works on these cars. Having a good Indy has saved my butt many, many times over the years.

The best tool I ever bought for my LR was a GAP tool to read and clear codes. They're about $525 but they'll pay for themselves in short time if it keeps you from towing your vehicle to a shop for a scary looking engine warning light.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about the radio issue, but it seems to be a relatively common issue I've seen mentioned in various threads on this site and others.


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Jun 28, 2004
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Welcome to the manual. If by manual you mean service manual, you will have to pay daily/monthly/yearly for a good one. If you are just looking for an owners manual try eBay. The radio could be an issue with sunroof drains leaking in behind the dash or in the back corners of the Rover where there are several computers.

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