New SRM 500 Series Modular Roof Rack by Go Rhino


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Nov 11, 2009
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The fall season is a perfect time for camping. If you plan on heading off the town to spend your weekend embracing the great outdoors, make sure that your truck or SUV is equipped accordingly to accommodate all the belongings that you might want to take with.

The SRM500 Roof Racks feature a practical design and durable metal construction. They boast flat rack aluminum frames and channeled crossbars to reduce the weight and offer multiple mounting locations for your bags and equipment. With a length of up to 72” they provide enough room for cargo boxes, shovels, axes, paddleboards, kayaks, tents, bicycles, and other adventure gear.

Go Rhino - SRM 500 Roof Rack

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- No drilling required
- Construction: Galvanized Steel
- Finish: Textured Black
- Installation Notes: No drilling required
- Product Notes: 4 piece set
- Packaging: 9" x 5" x 5", 4.2 lbs


  • Flat rack aluminum frame and cross bar design is perfect for use with large items lke tents, paddleboards and kayaks
  • Extruded aluminum cross bars include 4 channels to mount accessories using standard hardware
  • Front and rear cross members are predrilled for lights to be mounted
  • Quick Fist compatible so trail tools can be mounted easily
  • Pre-assembled cross bars for easy installation
  • Includes U-bolt clamps to mount rack to many styles of cross bars
  • Modular Aluminum construction allows the rack to ship via parcel (UPS/FedEx)
  • Texture black powdercoat with 5 year warranty
  • Load rating will be determined by consumers' choice of mounting system

Lookup here to get more information about the new Go Rhino Product.

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