No turn signals-solved.

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    2004 Freelander. Canadian model. 4way flashers work ok, but turn signals do not, and cause other lights in the dash to come on when turn signal lever is moved. (down hill mode for one, lights up). Does not show this in the manual, but F 18 is the fuse which provides power for the turn signals. (Behind D.side glove box). Flasher for both hazards and turn signals is also here, a 3 prong relay. Top terminal is + power. Found when 4 ways on, + power to be good, 12-14 volts, depending if vehicle running or not. Key on provides power to this terminal for signals, discovered voltage to be low, 8-11 volts, which caused flasher relay to buzz. Discovered the reason for low voltage was in the big connector on the end of the ignition switch in the steering column (2 phillips screws removes the covers, easy access, but be careful of the fine copper wires which wrap around where the key goes in anti-theft or chip reader I suspect. Break this and it's probably not going to start). Cleaned and tightened contacts, the brown is the power supply and the green goes to the flasher, and voltage was good. Turn signals work again. Was actually able to make them work and not work but wiggling the connector on first time in there.

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