PCV Valve Replacement

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Mar 5, 2016
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For the 100k birthday/tune up, I decided to go after the PCV valves. This was preventative- I wasn't getting any smoke or codes. This is an easy job, but worthy of a write-up as there are a couple of tricks to make this easy.

Time: 15 minutes. 30 minutes if you're going slow, or drunk
Tools: Seal pick, or very small screwdriver
Parts: 2 PCV Valves

1. Get the old ones out.

Pop off the engine cover and look to the rear left of the engine. The 2 plastic circles are what we're going after.


Disconnect that vacuum line (quick connect near my thumb above) for a little extra room for surgery.

Now is the time to abandon that "I can get the old ones out intact" mentality. The tabs that hold them in are going to break, the idea is to recover the tabs when they do. Once you start prying on them with the understanding that you're going to break them, this project speeds up. Once you get 3 or 4 of the 5 total, you can pop the valve off.

2. Put the new ones in.

First thing to note is that the rubber diaphragm sits in a groove in the valve cover, so you want to make sure this seats.

First, put the new spring in
Second, put the rubber/cap combo on lightly
Third, give it a little rotation during insertion, to settle the diaphragm into the groove

Now, you need to line up the tabs, and press each of them into place. This can be tricky, but worry not- I have a trick. With your left hand: Put your thumb on the PCV valve and reach behind the intake cover with your 4 fingers- there is a secret recess back there that will allow you squeeze down (like you're squeezing a taco). You can now apply enough pressure to each of the tabs to seat them- you'll hear a click when they seat.


That's it! Plug that vacuum hose back in and you're done!


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