Permanently remove the factory installed A-Bar protection frame

Discussion in 'LR3' started by AH1pilot, Feb 13, 2020 at 1:53 PM.

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    Our recently purchased 2007 LR3 has a black polyurethane protection bar mounted over the front grille and bumper. My wife and I don't like the look of the A-bar and prefer the standard grille and bumper. Has anyone removed the A-bar permanently? Wondering if the appearance would be just like the stock LR3 that came from the factory without an A-bar. The photo below is from the internet but it looks just like the one on our LR3 except it does not have the hole plugs that cover the lower mounting bolts. In otherwords, there is no access to the mounting bolts from the front.

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    If it doesn't have the hole plugs, what is there? is it smooth? Unless there is another version of the A-Frame Brush Bar, that is where the bolts are...can you snap a pic and attach it?

    Do you have the off-roading lights?

    Pretty sure the appearance will be just like that of the stock LR3. I don't believe any cutting of the bumper is required to install the brush bar, so it should all be intact.

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