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Phoenix LR Mechanic Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Discovery' started by ShannonG, May 5, 2006.

  1. ShannonG

    ShannonG Guest

    Hi. Please allow me to rant. I just finished letting a local LR shop work on my 2003 DISCO II for the LAST time. This is the 2nd time they've worked on my car and in addition to the fact that they've overcharged me for the work BOTH times they've also ignored 4 requests for them to call me before they proceed on repairs with an estimate so I can be sure I can afford it. I am PO'ed.

    So they just called me and told me they can't fix the driver's seat switch (that they attempted to fix the last time they had my car but the 'fix' only lasted 1 hour) and told me it'll now take a $900 motor to fix my driver's seat. Then they had the gall to tell me that my serpentine belt cost $100. Not the man hours to install it...the BELT. I know that I can get this belt for less than $45 all day long at any online Rover parts supplier. :mad:

    I guess they think I'm as dumb as a rock and while I'm no know-it-all I am not totally ignorant about my car or what parts cost...I am disgusted. :mad: When I attempted to question the young man that called me to tell me this dandy news about the seat and the belt, he got VERY uncomfortable... I asked him why they didn't just switch the driver's side seat motor or switch for the working passenger side and he 'hemmed and hawed' and finally said "Er, well...I dunno. I guess it won't work on that side...?" He didn't even sound convinced that was accurate. Now I get to pick up and car from them with a $100 sepentine belt and squeeze 8 months of pregnant baby belly between the seat and the wheel because they apparently didn't see if this was possible...nevermind the fact that I suggested they try just this when I was there this morning (at precisely the same time I asked them again to call me with a repair estimate...:argh:)

    Sorry to rant... So, does anyone know of an honest, reliable and competent LR shop in the Phoenix area?:laugh:
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  2. LisaB

    LisaB Guest

    Was this the dealer? When I was looking to buy my Landy, one of the sellers had a foreign auto repair shop that he used, the owner/mechanic was French. Since I didn't buy the car from him I don't know the shop's name. This may sound crazy, but one way to go about finding a shop is to call auto parts stores that sell British parts and ask them if they know of any good repair shops. Since these shops will probably have to buy the parts through them, they will know the better shops, i.e. the ones that pay their bills and don't have many 'wrong part' returns (an indication that they can diagnose correctly the first time). You really can't switch shops until this one resolves your seat switch problem. I hate to say it, but it is time for your sweetie to step up and be anything but sweet to this shop. They have a more difficult time bullying men than women, esp pregnant ones. If they are not willing to come to an agreement to satisfy you, walk away $165 poorer but smarter, and report them to the BBB.
    As for the seat switch, you either need to get it replaced for free, or, if that was not the problem, you would need to get credit towards the seat motor replacement which they should have diagnosed correctly the first time, or they can take the switch back and refund your money because you paid for a part you did not need.
    Your brake squeaking is probably a warning that you have about 3000 miles or so before you need a brake job. Budget for that now.
    If your engine is running good, but a can of fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank with 91 octane. Clear the code and cross your fingers. Did you buy a code reader yet?
    Good luck with the shop,
  3. NHESS81

    NHESS81 Guest

    That does suck! Stupid mean mechanics, its like gold if you find a good one....anyway, whats 'wrong' with your seat switch? does it not work...can you move ANY of the seat in at all...like for example, can you tilt it but not move forward/backward, or vice versa or whatever? becuase if you can get some functions to work, spray wd40 into the switch and on your seat rails/moving parts you can find....i did this on my 97 and it worked wonders, seat is moves flawless now (some others have had this success as well)

    lisa hit most of the points i woulda made...
  4. ShannonG

    ShannonG Guest

    Thanks guys. My seat won't move at all. Not in any direction. It's like the switch is flat-dead. Oh well.... It could be worse I suppose.
  5. Bpedersen

    Bpedersen Guest

    What shop was this?I've had a few problems with the people at land rover north scottsdale and the one in south scottsdale, I'm not very nice though and I'm also a Mercedes Tech so I through thier BS right out the window, they were rude to my wife but we had a few words and now she is treated much better!, I work on my land rover here at my shop for most of the stuff and only use my warranty if I have to.
    If you have can't get this resolved with them I'll be more than happy to fix it for you, and I'm much cheaper than the dealer.
  6. ShannonG

    ShannonG Guest

    Thanks. This was at McCormick's at the Scottsdale Airpark. I have NO faith in them after the last 2 visits with their strange pricing, inability to give the customer a work estimate and the weak explanation their employee gave me about my seat switch and the $100 belt. (I didn't mention after the fact that when I went to pick it up the price had dropped by $50...the employee must've realized that I was aware of the part cost inflation.) Too bad they weren't a better option because I would have been a loyal customer... With no warranty coverage I just can't afford to take this Rover to the dealer unless the engine falls out onto the pavement! LOL! Seriously though I may be needing to hire you to look at it if you're up to the challenge and familiar with Discos (and I assume you must be). Strangely enough the seat switch is working right now but I'm terrified that it'll stop suddenly as soon as I back the seat all the way away from the steering wheel (so I can't reach the pedals....lol!)
  7. Gpindy

    Gpindy New Member

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    Nov 3, 2018
    Following this thread . Did you find any good independent repair shop? I just got 3yr service done on my 2016 RR Sport and paid $1.3k ( Includes brake system flush ) . Price is outrageous and I am given a quote to replace brake pads / rotors for $3.5k .
  8. 777AIA

    777AIA Full Access Member

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    Sep 26, 2014
    I suggest Eurosport in Cave Creek area, if anyone is still looking at this thread... ask for Bob. Takes care of both my LR3 and Disco II, and I am 30 min. away... so its worth that...
  9. jamesdiego

    jamesdiego New Member

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    May 2, 2019
    Phoenix, Arizona USA
    Rebuilt my 2004 Disco 2 engine. Also has worked on my 2012 Range Rover.
    Ask for Kevin. They're very good. and if you notice the parking lot is filled with Range rovers being worked on. You have to make an appointment you can't just drive in. It's located right around Hayden and it's Scottsdale by Frank Lloyd wright.
    They are pricey but they're very very good and they're honest.
    Not sure why it shows me as a new member I've been a member since 2004. I guess you're new until you post a number of times. This is probably my third post.
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